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Laundry Room Geometric Accent Wall Update

Laundry Room Geometric Accent Wall Update

It’s not often that people think to brighten up a utilitarian space like the laundry room. But why not give this overlooked space a facelift and jazz it up into a more fun and stylish, yet functional area? After all, we already spend time in the laundry room accomplishing tedious tasks (i.e. THE LAUNDRY!), it wouldn’t hurt to add some color and make things a little more interesting, right?

And today’s feature does exactly that with the help of WallsNeedLove’s Pixel Diamond Removable Wallpaper. Laundry rooms are ill-famed for being tiny and restricted, but Create/Enjoy’s Suzannah easily created an accent wall that worked perfectly for her little laundry room. And it took up no space and relatively no effort!

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