7 Dorm Room Decor Ideas That Wont Break The Rules

7 Dorm Room Decor Ideas That Wont Break The Rules

Don’t let the limited space in your dorm room stymie your style. Give personality to your cramped quarters with these stylish -- and totally removable -- dorm room decor ideas!

Inject instant character to your dorm room by mixing and matching pillow with bold prints!



Whether they’re
throwpillows to lounge around with during the day, or body pillows to snuggle into at night, these seemingly unremarkable squares and rectangles are one of the easiest ways to spruce up any small space!

Fleece Throw Blankets
Not only does cozy fleece throws make you feel snug as a bug, they’re also a great way to add some color and character to your dorm room.
They can be draped almost anywhere and they’re a fun and easy way to tot up some zing to your otherwise nondescript space.

Introduce some much needed function and flair to your dorm room by adding a pouffe (or two).

These wonderfully versatile pieces of furniture are a great and fun way to add oomph to your tiddly digs.

Removable Wallpaper
Nothing beats making a statement with the help of wallpapers. Your walls take up such a big space in your already small dorm room, so why not let them do the talking? 
And with WNL’s removable wallpapers, you won’t have to worry about breaking the house rules. With a near-endless selection of stylish and hip removable wallpapers, you won’t have to worry about getting in trouble while trying to add character to your room!


Clockwise from left: Cali Tropical, White Brick Pattern, Beat Generation, Rose Chevron, Bob Sheldon, Golden Geo

Wall Art
Another great way to express your creative side is by waking up your walls with wall art. Not only do they barely take up any space, but they’re also a fantastic way to say bye bye to bare and boring dorm room walls.
 You also get plenty of choices. From Murals to Adhesive Art Prints, Circle Cut Out and Decals, Walls Need Love has all your wall art needs covered.
Shower Curtains
Bump up the vibe of your bathroom to match the rest of your dorm room with the addition of bang up and trendy shower curtains.

And with WNL’s wide selection, gone are the days of dull and unimaginative shower curtains, for sure!



Hang these colorful and fab stretches of fabric on the walls of your dorm room to add a touch of decor magic.




They’re very easy to hang and by choosing bold and bright ones, you can easily add more charm to your space. Tapestries are also versatile and can be used and draped or hung virtually anywhere!

Duvet Cover
Whoever said snuggly can’t be stylish? Duvet covers are usually soft and flat, but they don't have to be bland and tasteless.
They can be a great way to show off your personality while making sure you get a good night sleep for all your early morning classes.

Clockwise from left: Cheeseburgers In Gangsta’s Paradise, One For The Dreamers, Garden Skull, Ruth, Sunshines And Stripes, God Save The Queen


Additional Images From Wallgazers 

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