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The August Edit: The Purple Tropics Collection

Tropical places have always had a way of mixing playfulness with relaxation. The warm breeze combined with the sun kissing your skin bring a touch of laid back energy like no other.

Perhaps it’s time to visit the tropics… And whoever said this has to involve a plane or a boat has obviously never seen our Purple and Tropical Removable Wallpaper collections. With a simple touch of design magic, you’d be able to keep the high spirits of the tropics with you, long after your tan has faded.

From playful florals to energizing greens, and the addition of the color Purple (which is a combination of the calm stability of Blue and the fierce energy of Red) will surely help you drift into a state of frolicky, tropical bliss.

WNL collaborates with different artists like Mystal, Zenina Anastasia, Nika Martinez and Depiano, among others, to design creative and ingenious removable wallpapers. The designs are always fresh and are perfect for setting the vibe for any room in your house.



DISCLAIMER: Caribbean Punch sold separately.

(Clockwise from left to right: In The Tropics, Buried Treasure, Hawaiian Shirt, Neon Flowers, Pineapple on Triangle, Grace)




Images from Wallgazers Christine Michelle Photography, The Merry Thought, Elizabeth Mayberry and Fiona Byrne of Coveteur

July 26, 2017 by Keisha Jexine

Artist Spotlight Series: Elisabeth Fredriksson

We are back this month with our second interview in our Artist Spotlight series. In April we've been highlighting our Art Deco wallpaper collection and we are thrilled to introduce you to Elisabeth Fredriksson, whose collection features our most popular Art Deco designs.

Elisabeth, after reading your bio on your site, it's clear that art and graphic design are your great passion in life. What is your favorite thing about being a full-time artist?

That I can spend my days doing what I love.

Is there a downside to having your passion also be your full-time profession?

Yes. Working from home is really nice but it can also be very lonely at times. Especially when you have lot's of work to do and you don't see other people for days. This year, I'm thinking about taking a class to get more social. 

This month our curated wallpaper collection is our Art Deco collection. Many of your designs on WallsNeedLove are featured in this collection. What about the Art Deco era inspires you so much? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from pretty much everywhere. I draw lots of inspiration from nature but also movies, books, games, a walk in the city or just a coffee stain on my desk. Just the other day I was watching a magpie walking around in the grass and thought, wow, this bird has beautiful colors. I'm definitely going to use them in my design. My biggest obsession is geometry and I love the art deco style, simply because it's so beautiful.

What is your favorite WallsNeedLove product?

I've been wanting to have my design on wallpaper for a really long time and now I can finally make that happen, so that's my favorite product.

How do companies like ours, which support artists worldwide, make it possible to live your dream as an artist?

First of all, thank you for making it possible! Without companies like yours, I have a hard time imagining how else I would be able to make this happen. One big factor is that you handle the manufacturing and shipping, which gives us artists time to focus on what we really love.

What is one thing in your home or studio you can’t live without?

I hate to say the computer, but that's where I'm making most of my designs. Other than that, my cat. He's really good company.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a full-time artist or launching a career in a creative field?

Be patient. It took me about 3 years to become a full-time artist so just because it doesn't happen right away or even within a year, don't give up. Showcase your work through a website and social media, don't be shy. And whether you are a designer, photographer or a musician, try new things and see where it takes you. I think it's important to never stop learning new things. Not just about design, photography or music, learn about everything. The more you know, the more you can use in your creative field.

How do you spread love in your community? Or what’s your favorite way to spread the love?

My favorite way to spread love is to always be nice to everyone. I want to make people comfortable to be themselves around me.

Describe your artistic style in 140 characters or less:

A mix between dreamy, elegant, playful and modern.

Choose 3 words to describe yourself:

Friendly, silly and Trekkie.

Shop Elisabeth Fredriksson's Collection

The April Edit: The Art Deco Collection

Discover the Art Deco Collection by WallsNeedLove.

I recently watched The Great Gatsby for the first time and was in awe at how beautiful the film was. Everything was exquisite - the costumes, the sets, the way Leonardo DiCaprio’s eyes sparkled.. I digress. Granted, modern cinema plays a hand in creating the luxury and glamour we see on screen. Still, the Art Deco design movement deserves quite a bit of credit. While short-lived, Art Deco motifs remain very popular in modern design. We honestly can’t get enough of it, which is why we’ve created our Art Deco Removable Wallpaper and Mural Collection.

 Piccadilly Removable Wallpaper - part of our Art Deco Wallpaper Collection

Characterized by clean lines and rich aesthetics, our Art Deco Collection looks like a vision straight out of West Egg. Featuring rich colors and glamorous patterns, each wallpaper in this collection is as luxurious as it is beautiful and offers a bit of edge to any wall. It’s perfect for your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan.

Use our Easy Stripe for Sophisticated Black and White Looks

This month we have been all about our Black & White wallpaper collection, featuring bold and funky prints to clean and simple designs. We have been so inspired by the versatility of the color combo that we also wanted to share a couple projects that demonstrate how to create classic and modern looks using our black Easy Stripe wall decals!


A few weeks ago I wandered into Nashville style blogger Amelia Styles’ new brick and mortar shop in East Nashville. Her classic feminine style, with a touch of bohemian, shines through every perfectly curated detail in her new shop. As we got to talking, I couldn’t help but tell her about WallsNeedLove because I thought one of our products could add an extra layer of sophistication and pop to her new walls. We are thrilled that she agreed!

We adore how Amelia styled our black 2” Easy Stripe in the fitting room!

(Photos by Catherine Truman Photo)

Perfection! If you are lucky enough to live in Nashville like us, be sure to check out Amelia Styles in East Nashville and if you're not local, you can always shop her collection online. You can also follow her blog on Instagram, here, and her shop on Instagram, here.


Designer and stylist Kate, of Cameron & Co., recently shared her son’s nursery look featuring our 8” black Easy Stripe on the ceiling! We were blown away by the sophistication, warmth and whimsy she was able to create with the black and white color palette.

In Kate's own words:

“Committing to any color, texture of pattern for the ceiling may seem daunting. But making the right choice can make all the difference. You can make a space feel larger, cozier or more dramatic just by giving your ceilings a little love.”


Mission accomplished! And we are still swooning over the adorable, little teepee and crown light fixture! You can follow Kate on Instagram, here.

Thank you, Amelia & Kate, for highlighting two unique spaces where our self-adhesive and removable black Easy Stripe shines!

You can shop our Easy Stripe which comes in 10 sizes and 25 different colors, here.



Artist Spotlight Series: Project M

In current affairs there has been a lot of talk lately about building walls. But here at WallsNeedLove, we live for inspired walls… and for breaking them down. We strive to break down the walls between artist, gallery and the home designer. The cornerstone of our company are the 60 artists worldwide who we partner with and who pour their heart and soul into creating the unique and vibrant art we proudly feature on all of our products. We thought it was about time we shine an even brighter spotlight on our artists and let you get to know them!

Welcome to our WallsNeedLove Artist Spotlight series. This month we have been highlighting our Black & White collection and so who better to start our series with than Project M artist, Emeline Tate-Robertson, whose work features beautiful black and white geometric patterns and lines.

Emeline, you’re originally from England, but in 2005 you moved to California and became a full-time artist. What prompted the transition?

I was living in London and working in the fashion business as a Technical Designer for Ted Baker. In my spare time I created art and had fun exhibiting my paintings at many different venues across London. Then I met my husband and we decided we would set up home in California in 2005. Due to immigration rules I could not work until I got my green card. So I had a very nice excuse to paint and create full time.

What was it like making the transition to becoming a full-time artist?

It was pretty easy. A bit weird at first. Instead of working between 9am-6pm I found myself working all hours of the day and night. Being an artist and designer doesn't just mean you are painting or drawing all day long, which would be nice. You have to promote and sell yourself too. It is very important to get yourself out there. There is a lot of competition. I have always thought there is no point creating artwork and not show anyone.

What is your favorite thing about being an artist? What about your least favorite thing?

I love seeing my art on different products. It makes me smile when someone buys something by me. The thought that someone is either wearing my art or living with it in their home is very special.

My least favorite thing is there are a lot of people who think it is ok to take my work and change it a little bit, straighten my lines, add more lines, disguise it a little thinking I wouldn't notice. Which is such a shame. Art is like a finger print. It should be unique.

This month our featured wallpaper collection is Black and White. Many of your designs that we feature on WallsNeedLove are Black and White. Why do you tend to design with black and white? What draws you to these colors?

I used to paint with very bright and bold colors. I would mathematically choose colors so that the painting would work as a whole. Unfortunately we had a family tragedy in 2014 and I subconsciously started doing black and white prints. It wasn't something I chose. Recently I've been introducing color back into my palette. Which I think is a good thing.

What is your favorite WallsNeedLove product?

I love all of them. But I do love the idea of removable wallpaper - wallpaper is definitely coming back into vogue. I'd love to try out the duvet cover one day and we can never have enough throw pillows in our home.


How do companies like ours, which support artists, make it possible to live your dream as an artist?

Recently I have had to deal with copyright infringement. There are a lot of companies and people that think its ok to take from artists. So I really appreciate companies like WallsNeedLove, who support original artists. It helps me get my artwork seen by a larger audience, helps me earn a living and also provide for my family.

What is one thing in your home or studio you can’t live without?

I used to say I would never do digital art. But today it is a must if you want to sell your art and designs online. So I'd have to say I could not live without my Mac. I bought my Mac three years ago. I proudly bought it with the money I received for a large commissioned art piece for a local corporate company. It was a triptych graphic map painting of the area and probably the last large painting I painted with a paint brush. Hopefully I will get a chance to paint a large painting soon.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a full-time artist or launching a career in a creative field?

Do what you love. Do not copy others. Be yourself. Network with likeminded people. Use social media. It takes time to be successful. So don’t give up.

How do you spread love in your community? Or what’s your favorite way to spread the love?

I am in a few secret artist groups on social media. We share ideas and help each other. I have always been a team player. When I am able, I like to I help other artists by giving constructive criticism and helping them by using my knowledge that I have gained in the fashion and art business.

Describe your artistic style in 140 characters:

I have a modern clean style. I love to re-work my paintings and push them into new directions using Photoshop. My paintings morph over time into graphic print designs.  

Finally, choose 3 words to describe yourself:

Creative, modern, fun.

Thanks, Emeline, for sharing your thoughts with WallsNeedLove! You can visit her personal website, HERE.



March 17, 2017 by Sarah McCall

The March Edit: Black & White

The Black and White Collection: Clean, strong, and sophisticated.


This month is all about the classic color combination: black and white. On their own, black and white can seamlessly integrate into any design motif. Neutrals in their own right, black is anchored in strength and sophistication, while white takes on jovial and pure characteristics. Together, black and white create a striking coupling that is anything but neutral. 

Clean and simple, this black and white Pixel Diamonds removable wallpaper is a great neutral background that lends a lot of character to the space.
 Add a pop of color to a black and white backdrop to create contrast.
Choose a bolder black and white pattern that can stand on its own!Shop the entire Black & White Collection
March 13, 2017 by Kelsey Lawrence

Introducing Our New Curated Wallpaper Collections

At WallsNeedLove we believe your life is your canvas. We strive to break down walls between artists and home designers to make it easier for everyone to fill their lives and their homes with creativity and inspiration. We partner with over 60 artists from around the World who contribute more than 500 wallpaper designs. We realize it can be a little overwhelming to find the perfect design to express yourself, which is why we are excited to announce the launch of our Featured Wallpaper Collections, specifically curated with you in mind. From Art Deco to Boho, we are excited to highlight our featured collections in the coming weeks and months.

Here are a few of our favorites: 

 All new Art Deco Removable Wallpaper Collection by WallsNeedLove

Our Art Deco Collection is as beautiful as it is luxurious. It's perfect for your inner Jay Gatsby or Daisy Buchanan. 

Find the perfect Boho inspired wallpapers with our new Bohemian Removable Wallpaper Collection

Our Boho collection will have you dreaming of the open road and beautiful landscapes.

Shop Geometric Removable Wallpaper Collection by WallsNeedLove

From classic lines to bold chevron, our Geometric collection features some of our most popular designs.

Let your creativity bloom with the Floral Removable Wallpaper Collection by WallsNeedLove

This isn't your Grandma's floral wallpaper. Our floral collection is a modern take on a classic wallpaper tradition.

Peel it, stick it, then grab a glass of bubbly and enjoy. Find your perfect design and shop all of our curated wallpaper collections, HERE.

Influencer Spotlight: Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless


Little Miss Fearless interview with WallsNeedLove.com


With more than 62,000 followers on Instagram alone, it’s hard to believe that Amanda Sanchez has only been blogging for four years. One look at littlemissfearless.com and it’s nearly impossible not to walk away inspired. Her feel good pep talks, fashion and fitness tips, and home decor inspo turns a single downward flick of the mouse into a highly curated rabbit hole, which I’m more than happy to go down. 

We [virtually] sat down with Little Miss Fearless herself to learn more about her creative process, the 3 things she’d bring on a deserted island, and women’s two superpowers. 

Get to Know Amanda!


Meet lifestyle blogger and influencer, Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless


What’s the story behind Little Miss Fearless? Where did the inspiration behind your blog name come from?

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. This is the perspective that drives me through many of life’s challenges. Before sharing my style on the world wide web, I used to photograph my outfits on my laptop in college, simply to solve the challenge of having “nothing to wear” each day.

After earning my degree, I began my career as a PR consultant and social media strategist at one of Salt Lake City’s top, full-service agencies, where I quickly gravitated to clients in the retail, beauty, health and travel industries. Following several trips to New York, introducing my clients to top editors at Vogue, Elle, Glamour, People, Self, Travel + Leisure, and more, my excitement to pursue my own fashion interests finally outpaced my fears. Thus began “Little Miss Fearless,” a personal style blog where I showcase my love for creativity, #momlife, fashion, fitness and positive pep talks.

At the core, Little Miss Fearless conveys one major theme for the woman who wants to have it all—confidence and a healthy self-image are your secret powers.


Describe your home decor style in 140 characters or less. 

My home décor style is transitional. I love the character of traditional pieces (distressed woods, curvy furniture) paired with the freshness of modern styles (clean lines, bright whites, etc.). If Anthropologie and West Elm had a baby, we’d call it my dream home.



Working full-time in brand publishing, plus running a highly successful blog, how do you find work-life balance?

When I started my blog 4 years ago, I worked full-time at a very fast-paced, full-service advertising agency. I wasn’t sure how I was going to balance both worlds, along with my marriage, but it worked. I always told myself when I had a baby I would have to let something go. And now here I am still trying to do it all. 

What it comes down to is passion and purpose. I’ve always been grateful for my blog because it brings creativity and challenges to my life that I don’t get in other areas. I also have fun doing it, even though it is hard work. Likewise, with my career, I enjoy the brilliant people I get to meet and work with and love that I’m putting my college degree to work and challenging myself there. 

Mom life is my favorite and most fulfilling role. I didn’t know what it felt like to have purpose until I became a mom. Everything I do is ultimately for my family, and when you put all of those worlds together, it is an insane time-management balancing act, but it constantly teaches me to keep trying, to throw the idea of “perfect” out the window, and to value relationships above everything else.


We visited Salt Lake City last year and fell in love! What do you love most about living in SLC?

Next time let’s grab lunch! I love Salt Lake City first and foremost because it’s home. I was born and raised here and have so many memories. I’m a beach lover, but nothing compares to our warm summer nights, IMO. SLC has so much to offer for photography, families, anyone who loves being outdoors, and we have some pretty great restaurant options for the foodies. 


What keeps you creative? Where do you find inspiration?

Like any fashion blogger, I have struggled at times with the comparison game. It’s tough to see everyone around you doing amazing things and wonder if you measure up. But I have found that actually connecting with others and supporting each other (rather than competing) is what makes the blogging world so fun. And I’ve found so much more success and inspiration that way. Tactically, I get lots of my ideas when I’m exercising (I’m constantly writing things down in my Notes app on my phone) or when I’m trying to fall asleep at night (not ideal, but I have to take advantage when it happens, so out comes my Notes app again). I think the more creativity we can expose ourselves to, the more ideas we can generate.

#bedgoals by Little Miss Fearless | Influencer spotlight with WallsNeedLove  Finding inspiration everywhere, Little Miss Fearless stays creative even when she's working out.

Where is your favorite place to work on your blog? 

In a quiet room with my laptop and a comfortable chair, whether that’s my bed, home office or elsewhere. As long as it’s quiet, I can be extremely productive. 


When you’re not blogging or working you can be found doing what?

Daydreaming. Or lounging on the beach in Maui. Or both. I love soul searching and taking time to live in the moment and figure out who I want to be!  It’s a life-long discovery.


What social network can you not live without?

Instagram. Although, I just started using Snapchat in the last 9 months and love that it’s still the obscure “cool kid” of the social networks. I also can’t stop saving videos of Benjamin to my Snapchat Memories!


Amanda Sanchez and FamilyIf you were on a desert island and could only take three things, what would they be?

Is this my husband? He loves to ask these kinds of questions. ;)

 The first two things I’d bring are Matt and Benjamin. The third thing… gosh, this is hard now that I’m a mom. My instincts are telling me to bring something to protect Benji, so maybe a manual breast pump to ensure I can keep feeding him. Is that weird?


What advice do you have for people trying to decorate for the holidays on a budget?

Growing up, my mom had decorations for every season (sometimes every single month) indoors and outdoors. She loves to decorate, however, she’s been adding to her collection over several years. 

My husband and I just bought our first home and not only do I not want to invest the money to swap out my decorations every month, I also wouldn’t have anywhere to store that many decorations! So for people like me who need their budget to go far with pieces that will last, I’d say invest in the foundational décor items and choose colors that are neutral enough for all seasons. 

We have these throw pillows from Walls Need Love and they literally go with everything—great investment pieces for me. I can pair them with plaid blankets in the winter and florals or stripes in the spring.

I’m also extremely passionate about the idea of removable wallpaper because you literally don’t have the commitment that comes with actually painting (and re-painting) your walls when you want to switch up your decor.

Holiday themed accent wall using Easy Stripe from WallsNeedLove

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

I am pretty simple when it comes to holiday traditions. I like putting on my festive PJ’s, turning all the Christmas lights on around the house, lighting a holiday candle and then plopping on the couch with my husband to watch Christmas Vacation, Elf or The Family Stone… whilst we sip hot cocoa and eat all of my mom’s gooey Christmas Chex mix. ;) (Ideally, it would be snowing outside for an extra cozy appeal.)


Shop Little Miss Fearless's top products from WallsNeedLove


February 09, 2017 by Kelsey Lawrence

Meet the Influencer: Gentri Lee

Take one look at Gentri Lee’s blog and it’s evident that this twenty-something creative is more than just a girl with a blog. She’s stylish, adventurous, extremely inventive—truly a modern renaissance women in the digital age. Just last week I found myself lost in her Instagram feed, completely enthralled in a life beyond my own and inspired to gain a few more experiences in 2017.

 Antique Map wall decals DIY stationary using wall decals

Whether it’s spending a month abroad or planning an impromptu rainy day get together, Gentri brings a little bit of whimsy wherever she goes. Naturally, it had us wondering: How does she do it?

Get to know Gentri Lee.


Between being a stylist, makeup artist, blogger and aesthetician, how do you find balance between all of these interests? 

Balance is something I have to constantly work on. But when you're passionate about something, you'll find the time to make it happen.

Meet Gentri Lee, the 20-something taking the blogosphere by storm.

What do you love most about blogging?

Blogging is the perfect way for me to bring all of my passions into one space. On my blog I can talk beauty, fashion, party planning, and whatever else I'm passionate about. Also, I have made some incredible friends and connections through blogging, which is a blessing I never expected when I began my blogging journey.

When coming up with creative ideas, where do you look for/find inspiration?

Pinterest is my go-to for quick brainstorming sessions. But I find my best inspirations while I'm traveling or out in nature. Something about getting out and about really unlocks all of the senses.

 You know how to throw one heck of a party! We’re in love with the Rainy Day Party Ideas. With the holidays just around the corner, what are some easy, low commitment tips to decorate for holiday party season?

Thank you! I love to use natural elements in my party decor; from fallen pine cones to potted house plants. Nature already looks great, so all you have to do is add it to your party space. I also love to check thrift and antique stores for unique and affordable pieces I can use either as decor or serving tools. My favorite rose colored drinking glasses are ones I picked up at an antique store for a bargain!

 Describe your personal decor style in 140 characters or less.

My decor style is a combination of modern and antique, eclectic and minimal, accented with an abundance of plant life. I love natural elements and artisan made pieces, all placed inside a clean and simple space. Some of my favorite items are my midcentury modern leather couch, my many hand-made wall hangings, and my cuckoo clock I just picked up in Germany! 

My decor style is a combination of modern and antique, eclectic and minimal, accented with an abundance of plant life.

You’ve lived all across the US, from Florida to Alaska, what would you say your favorite place to live has been? Why?

I hate picking favorites, especially when there isn't a clear answer. Each place has had something unique to offer and I've come away a better person for each experience I have had. Alaska speaks to my nature-loving soul while D.C. was a place of learning and growth. But, I always end up back where I started - in Salt Lake City, Utah. There's a good balance of urban living and natural solitude here.

 As a traveler, what has been your favorite place to visit and why?

Again, picking favorites is not my thing... But since I did just return from Europe (which is completely wonderful) and am still on the high from my month-long travels, I would have to say Norway. I tell people all the time, that the best word to describe Norway is "magical". You can't visit Norway and not come away with stars in your eyes and a firm belief that magic must exist.

 Norway city captured by travel-bug, Gentri Lee. Gentri Lee in the Norwegian Woods The countryside of Norway - Influencer Spotlight: Gentri Lee

What would your dream road trip look like?

I read an article once that said they were looking into building a bridge between Alaska and Russia so road trippers would be able to start in New York City and drive all the way to London. As a road trip junkie, you know that I would be first in line for that one!

  What’s the last book you’d recommend? 

The Alchemist is the last book I read that I couldn't put down. It's incredibly inspiring!

 What’s one social media platform you can’t live without?

Instagram, of course! I love the visual elements and being able to curate my own "art gallery".

Shop Gentri's Top Picks!

Realistic Bricks Removable Wallpaper

Desert Cacti

Weekend Retreat Wall Mural

Moon Circle Wall Decal

World Map

November 29, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Meet the Influencer: Sengerson

Seng Nickerson's affinity for story telling started long before she launched sengerson.com. Prior to Facebook taking over the internet and after NSYNC danced their way into our hearts, Seng started her first blogging experience on her university's  server. Now married with children and an exciting career under her belt, Seng still enjoys documenting her love of photography, home decor and DIY projects; all three of which are evident in our collaborations with her. 

Create a photo back drop using removable and reusable wallpaper from WallsNeedLove Make your outdoor space beautiful with some throw pillows by WallsNeedLove Lining Drawers with Removable Wallpaper

Learn more about this thirty-something and full time project manager!

Get To Know Seng

Send Nickerson of Sengerson blog for WallsNeedLove  Seng Nickerson of Sengerson blog

WNL: First thing's first, we love Sengerson.com! Was owning your own blog always your career goal?

S: Thank you! You guys are way too kind! While I do dream of running my blog as a full-time career, it was actually developed because I needed a creative outlet outside of my career as a project manager. I love that I can create, write and photograph and share our family's story through the blog.

    WNL: You've been collaborating with brands for a while now. Tell us about your favorite brand collaboration and why.

    S: Some of my favorite collaborations have been the ones where I can use the products to make our family's home a home. I know that sounds cheesy, but I love working with brands that match my vibe. Some of the collaborations have been where I have been able to finish decorating my girls' rooms with wall art and creating a new nursery for my baby boy!

      WNL: What are your design choices inspired by?
      S: I am in love with neutral palettes, which I got from Joanna Gaines and Liz Marie Blog. Their styles are want I aspire to be! However, I realize I do have kids and white might not always be the best choice for inside the home.
        WNL: What design tips do you have for readers at home when taking on projects at home?

        S: Have an idea of what your style is. Know your style. Know what you are drawn to. And then make that space uniquely yours. Don't just copy someone else's style. Make it your own.
          WNL: Describe your design style in 140 characters or less. 

          S: Farmhouse Style in Suburbia America. It's possible. :)
            WNL: Where is your favorite place to work on your blog and why?

            S: In our master bedroom! We just updated our master bedroom and I have this AMAZING secretary's desk that doubles as a nightstand. I can finish blogging at the desk and then just hop in bed! Literally hop.
              WNL: Who is your favorite online retailer? 

              S: I have so many! Walls Need Love of course! Honestly, I don't have any favorites that I go to all the time. I get inspiration from Restoration Hardware, Arhaus (doesn't mean I can afford everything there), Cost World Market, Pottery Barn just to name a few!
                WNL: What's the last book you read? 

                S: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.
                  WNL: When you're not blogging, you can be found doing what?

                  S: You'll find me:
                  • Attending my two girls' gymnastics classes, soccer practice/games, dance recitals
                  • Chasing my one year old around as he drops a trail of Skinny Popcorn throughout the house
                  • Begging my amazing husband to not complain and actually smile about the next family photo shoot that we have (seriously, I work on this guy 3 months before the shoot starts).
                  • Dancing to Don't Worry, Be Happy with the kids

                    WNL: Social network you can't live without?

                    S: I'm old school. Facebook. Seriously, I was signed up on Facebook when they opened it up to my alma mater's email domain name. We go way back.

                     Shop Sengerson's Curated Collection

                    Be the Change art by Leah Flores  White arrows over a gold background make for pleasant surroundings in any room. Fill your space with golden tranquility. Adding removable wallpaper to your space is much simpler than painting.  These floral patterned letter wall decals are perfect for building your own monogram! Delicate petals and elegant pattern.   If Life Gives You Lemons Outdoor Throw Pillow by WallsNeedLove  Life of Lemons Outdoor Throw Pillow by WallsNeedLove  Sketch Floral Removable Wallpaper by WallsNeedLove  A staple of the south, these beautiful painted magnolias make the perfect addition to any Gone With The Wind style home. 

                      September 21, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence