Room Makeover: Geometric Walls in Boys’ Bedroom

September 03, 2019

Room Makeover: Geometric Walls in Boys’ Bedroom

It can be challenging to decorate kids’ rooms in a way that’s appealing to both the kids themselves and their parents. (How many of us remember begging our parents to paint our rooms some ridiculous color like hot pink and then hating it as we got older? Kids are fantastically creative, but they don’t always have the most *timeless* taste.)

With the right design choices, though, it’s possible to choose a color palette that’s both vivid and tasteful—one that will have kids and parents alike feeling comfortable and energized. You don’t have to compromise here!

And we’ve got the perfect example: a boys room makeover by the stylish and talented Merrick White of Merrick’s Art. Using WallsNeedLove’s Ab Outlines Black Removable Wallpaper, Merrick added a super cool, geometric black-and-white accent wall to add emphasis to the bright red and soft gray color palette of her sons’ room. She’s already used WNL’s wallpaper in a few rooms of her home—here she describes how easy it is to have the removable wallpaper in place within just a few hours. Putting up wallpaper can seem like an intimidating DIY, but this was a total breeze and totally transformed the feel of the room.


The inspiration

Here’s what Merrick has to say about her thought process behind this makeover: “Our home is very clean, simple, and modern, but I love adding little pops of personality to make it feel like ours. Their room had a fun piece of wall art with stars and space, so we played off of that and went with a black, gray and white theme with bright pops of red. The black and white geometric wallpaper has constellation vibes, and made for the perfect statement in the desk nook.”


Taking a modern, colorful, geometric aesthetic and catering it to a kids bedroom is a perfect idea. It’s fun, it totally works, and it’s widely appealing.

And don’t think you can only do this if you own your home and are planning to stay for a long time. That’s why removable wallpaper is such a great choice: in addition to being super stylish and easy to install, it’s just as easy to take down and even reuse. Plus, it’s especially important that kids not be exposed to toxic chemicals, and WallsNeedLove’s removable wallpaper is made with safe, premium-quality materials.

Merrick has a great blog post describing her sons’ room makeover—check it out to get the details about every aspect of the new room design.



Meet the creative, multi-talented gal behind this bedroom makeover:

Merrick White is a style and sewing blogger, and mama of three little boys. Two years ago she and her husband bought a home in Orange County, California, and have had a blast playing interior designer as they've turned a house into a home. When she's not working, she's running, dreaming up new sewing projects, or listening to audiobooks with her kids.

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Written by Nina Gunther-Segal