Wallpapers That Will Have Your Home Basking in Botanical Beauty

Wallpapers That Will Have Your Home Basking in Botanical Beauty

6 Green Wallpapers That Will Have Your Home Basking in Botanical Beauty

Did you know that green is known to create feelings of calmness? Imagine walking through a forest or beautiful garden. It's no surprise that the color green is (excuse the pun) evergreen, likely to trend eternally.

Does that mean our thumbs are green enough to keep the greenery alive forever, too? We’ll get back to you on that. 

We’ve all been there, right? Came home with an armload of indoor plants and a mind full of inspiration as we began draping greenery everywhere? Whistling in harmony to the sound of birds chirping? Until we suddenly realized we’d have to keep these poor souls alive? Us either.

Green wallpaper can bring lifelike greenery to your space without the actual, well, life. These green wallpaper designs will create a tropical indoor escape full of flora. No green thumb required.

The Hue That’s As Cool As A Cucumber

Green is both eye-catching and relaxing. Do it right and this shade can add an unruffled personality to your space while bringing forth a sense of blissful calm and serenity. Did someone say outdoor spa?

Just take a peek at Create/Enjoy’s leafy green wallpaper powder room revamp featuring our Banana Leaf Green Wallpaper. There’s just something about this shade that’s sooo inviting. We apologize in advance if your guests keep extending their stay.

(Banana Leaf Removable Wallpaper, from $48 & River Bed Removable Wallpaper, from $48) 

Green wallpaper can also evoke a playful, energetic atmosphere when paired with the right elements. We won’t judge if one of those elements is a drink with an umbrella. Think vibrant tropical getaway meets wild whimsical walk. Vacation? Booked. To get into more detail on how the color green can play a physical and psychological effect on the brain, click here.


(Tropical Glam Wall Mural, from $392 & Insufferable Succulents Removable Wallpaper, from $48)


The Shade To Make Them All Green With Envy

Just like the jewel Emerald, this hue is symbolic of luxury and prosperity. Want that glitzy swank without the usual gold? A touch of green wallpaper can boldly richen any room without being boastful. 

(Palms Over Diamonds Removable Wallpaper, from $48 & Dinner and Drinks Removable Wallpaper, from $48)

Imagine a garden filled with flowers of different colors (ones we preferably aren’t responsible for watering - please and thanks). Notice anything? Every stem of every single flower is green. That’s the color’s harmonious nature in action. It creates a beautiful, balanced palette every time.

Your lush indoor greenhouse awaits! All that’s pending is your green wallpaper. No leafy lives required.

Explore more green wallpapers here.

Want more colorful inspiration? Get inspired here.

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