Modern Meets Boho Bathroom Update

May 19, 2019

Modern Meets Boho Bathroom Update

Let’s be honest: bathrooms don’t always get the love they deserve. They’re sometimes dismissed because they’re so utilitarian, and because they’re not as central a home focal point as, say, the living room. But with just a little bit of thought and effort, your bathroom can be like an oasis in your home. Bathrooms have the potential to be places that draw you in and make you want to spend a little extra time engaging in (ultra-important) self-care.

Today’s feature is all about showing bathrooms the love they deserve. It’s clear that Cassie Garcia of Neon Be took their potential to heart with her recent modern-meets-boho bathroom update. Cassie transformed one of her bathroom walls with WallsNeedLove’s Ida Removable Wallpaper, a neutral yet lushly floral wallpaper design that perfectly accentuated her bathroom’s gorgeous existing decor. In a matter of hours (and all on her own, without any extra help!), her bathroom became the space she’d envisioned as her perfect home oasis.

The inspiration

Here’s how Cassie describes her inspiration for this fabulous makeover: “Over the summer we often traveled to Palm Springs R&R and during our stay we got to stay at some adorable boutique hotels. I loved seeing the adorable decors and loved the Boho Modern vibes I would see throughout Palm Springs. I really wanted to update my guest bathroom to feel like a cool space where touching up your lipstick could turn into a cute bathroom selfie!”

Just because your bathroom is somewhere you spend lots of time without really thinking about it, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from putting some thought into its design. Cassie’s bathroom started out as a blank slate with all white walls, but she took that slate and made it into a beautiful space that adeptly channels the boho modern vibes boutique hotels are so well-known for. Think about it: tasteful travelers pay lots of money to stay in adorable boutique hotels—and Cassie brought that vibe to her home, where she and her family get to enjoy it every day. (That’s some smart financial sense, right there!)

Plus, Cassie’s place is a rental. Because Walls Need Love’s wallpaper is ultra-easy to remove and reuse, it’s a perfect choice for renters—or just for anyone who likes to change up their home decor on a regular basis.

Learn more about Cassie’s boho bathroom update here on her blog, Neon Be.


Meet the chic DIY queen behind this bathroom makeover

Cassie Garcia is the voice and creator behind Neon Be. The name comes from her love of looking on the bright side amongst the dim and her belief that there is always a positive in any situation. She loves to share her passions and inspire other women through décor, fashion, and modern motherhood. She attended Academy of Art University for Fashion Marketing, and soon after having kids she decided to put her passions into a blog and social media to allow her to be there for her family. She is currently living in Arizona with her husband and two boys.

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Written by Nina Gunther-Segal