Worldwide Shipping | 3 Day Turnaround | Custom Crafted in Nashville, 🇺🇸Since 2008

Worldwide Shipping | 3 Day Turnaround | Custom Crafted in Nashville, 🇺🇸Since 2008

Worldwide Shipping | 3 Day Turnaround | Custom Crafted in Nashville, 🇺🇸Since 2008




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Sample size

Sample Size

Choose between standard 8.5x11 inch samples or a jumbo 26x26 inch sample. 

8.5'' x 11''
$4 each | Great for proofing art, color, and comparing paper types.
26'' x 26''
$24 each | The biggest and best visual for pros and large projects.

Select your paper type

Paper Type

Choose between three distinct paper types. Read below for information about each. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need assistance choosing a paper type. 



Smooth linen texture with a matte finish. Simple DIY installation. Easily repositions and removes clean. Heavy thickness easily masks wall texture and bumps. Vibrant color, superior print definition, and is washable. 100% the best peel-and-stick and our most popular wall covering choice.


Elegant and smooth matte finish wallpaper. Vibrant colors, superior print definition and washable. Standard paste-the-wall application. Popular among those who like a traditional wall covering for home and office use.


Durable and rugged, this pebble textured wallpaper excels in high traffic areas and commercial spaces. Type-2 certified and washable with a standard paste-the-wall application. Popular for those who prefer traditional wall coverings with rugged durability for high traffic areas.

Trendy & Timeless Tropical Decor

Transform your home into a tropical oasis!

Fall is finally here, however, it’s still feels like summer here in Nashville. With lower temperatures on their way, who doesn’t dream of trading snow for sand (at least in the dead of winter, right?!)? Regardless of the temperature outside, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to turn the inside of your home Into the Tropics in anticipation of chilly temperatures heading our way.

From flamingos to palm trees, and corals to all out florals, when it comes to tropical, we’ve got your walls covered! 

So what exactly is a tropical theme? 

Tropical themes are inspired by natural beauty, bringing nature indoors with organic colors, textures and forms. Tropical style decor can help inspire a casual, relaxing atmosphere with a resort-style feel. 

Here are some of our top faves, we think you’ll enjoy them too! 

Funky Flamingos Removable Wallpaper

What we love most about our Funky Flamingos Removable Wallpaper is that it looks good in any room in your home, from the Master Bedroom to the Guest Room, even in your bathroom! The beautiful shades of pink with the multi-colored wings of the flamingo really make this tropical print stand out! 

This gorgeous room is from Michelle Wells from @livinlifewells.

Neon Flowers Removable Wallpaper

How fun and colorful is this room from @itscarlabethany? Our Neon Flowers Removable Wallpaper with shades of pink, blue and purple are sure to keep the tropical vibes going throughout the year!

Swiss Family Robinson Removable Wallpaper

We’re loving this cozy corner from Kevin Francis O’Gara. He built out the color palette from the colors in the Swiss Family Robinson Removable Wallpaper with layers of blue, green, and blush pink, and added extra functionality to the space with a convertible sofa (the back folds down to form a sleeper) and bench as an ottoman for extra seating when it was needed! Great job, Kevin! We love the tropical vibes this paper brings!

Miami Palms Removable Wallpaper

It’s amazing what a wallpaper like this can do to your mood! Check out this gorgeous entry way that @dana.hincapie created below:

Population Pineapple Removable Wallpaper

@heytherehaleigh transformed her space with our Population Pineapple Removable Wallpaper. This paper goes a long way when it comes to transforming a space!🍍 You will not be able to walk past this room without being happy!

Hawaiian Shirt Removable Wallpaper

Inspired by the Art Deco scene of Miami and lush, oversized tropicals. Spencer Barnes says, "It’s an immediate wake-up of energy each breakfast - or anytime really - so you can imagine why it’s become a favorite room in our new home." 

No matter what season it is, you can continue those Tropical Vibes in your home! Check out our entire collection and get ready to be inspired!

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