Influencer Spotlight: Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless

❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

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❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

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Influencer Spotlight: Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless

Little Miss Fearless interview with

With more than 62,000 followers on Instagram alone, it’s hard to believe that Amanda Sanchez has only been blogging for four years. One look at and it’s nearly impossible not to walk away inspired. Her feel good pep talks, fashion and fitness tips, and home decor inspo turns a single downward flick of the mouse into a highly curated rabbit hole, which I’m more than happy to go down. 

We [virtually] sat down with Little Miss Fearless herself to learn more about her creative process, the 3 things she’d bring on a deserted island, and women’s two superpowers. 

Get to Know Amanda!

Meet lifestyle blogger and influencer, Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless


What’s the story behind Little Miss Fearless? Where did the inspiration behind your blog name come from?

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. This is the perspective that drives me through many of life’s challenges. Before sharing my style on the world wide web, I used to photograph my outfits on my laptop in college, simply to solve the challenge of having “nothing to wear” each day.

After earning my degree, I began my career as a PR consultant and social media strategist at one of Salt Lake City’s top, full-service agencies, where I quickly gravitated to clients in the retail, beauty, health and travel industries. Following several trips to New York, introducing my clients to top editors at Vogue, Elle, Glamour, People, Self, Travel + Leisure, and more, my excitement to pursue my own fashion interests finally outpaced my fears. Thus began “Little Miss Fearless,” a personal style blog where I showcase my love for creativity, #momlife, fashion, fitness and positive pep talks.

At the core, Little Miss Fearless conveys one major theme for the woman who wants to have it all—confidence and a healthy self-image are your secret powers.


Describe your home decor style in 140 characters or less. 

My home décor style is transitional. I love the character of traditional pieces (distressed woods, curvy furniture) paired with the freshness of modern styles (clean lines, bright whites, etc.). If Anthropologie and West Elm had a baby, we’d call it my dream home.



Working full-time in brand publishing, plus running a highly successful blog, how do you find work-life balance?

When I started my blog 4 years ago, I worked full-time at a very fast-paced, full-service advertising agency. I wasn’t sure how I was going to balance both worlds, along with my marriage, but it worked. I always told myself when I had a baby I would have to let something go. And now here I am still trying to do it all. 

What it comes down to is passion and purpose. I’ve always been grateful for my blog because it brings creativity and challenges to my life that I don’t get in other areas. I also have fun doing it, even though it is hard work. Likewise, with my career, I enjoy the brilliant people I get to meet and work with and love that I’m putting my college degree to work and challenging myself there. 

Mom life is my favorite and most fulfilling role. I didn’t know what it felt like to have purpose until I became a mom. Everything I do is ultimately for my family, and when you put all of those worlds together, it is an insane time-management balancing act, but it constantly teaches me to keep trying, to throw the idea of “perfect” out the window, and to value relationships above everything else.


We visited Salt Lake City last year and fell in love! What do you love most about living in SLC?

Next time let’s grab lunch! I love Salt Lake City first and foremost because it’s home. I was born and raised here and have so many memories. I’m a beach lover, but nothing compares to our warm summer nights, IMO. SLC has so much to offer for photography, families, anyone who loves being outdoors, and we have some pretty great restaurant options for the foodies. 


What keeps you creative? Where do you find inspiration?

Like any fashion blogger, I have struggled at times with the comparison game. It’s tough to see everyone around you doing amazing things and wonder if you measure up. But I have found that actually connecting with others and supporting each other (rather than competing) is what makes the blogging world so fun. And I’ve found so much more success and inspiration that way. Tactically, I get lots of my ideas when I’m exercising (I’m constantly writing things down in my Notes app on my phone) or when I’m trying to fall asleep at night (not ideal, but I have to take advantage when it happens, so out comes my Notes app again). I think the more creativity we can expose ourselves to, the more ideas we can generate.

#bedgoals by Little Miss Fearless | Influencer spotlight with WallsNeedLove  Finding inspiration everywhere, Little Miss Fearless stays creative even when she's working out.

Where is your favorite place to work on your blog? 

In a quiet room with my laptop and a comfortable chair, whether that’s my bed, home office or elsewhere. As long as it’s quiet, I can be extremely productive. 


When you’re not blogging or working you can be found doing what?

Daydreaming. Or lounging on the beach in Maui. Or both. I love soul searching and taking time to live in the moment and figure out who I want to be!  It’s a life-long discovery.


What social network can you not live without?

Instagram. Although, I just started using Snapchat in the last 9 months and love that it’s still the obscure “cool kid” of the social networks. I also can’t stop saving videos of Benjamin to my Snapchat Memories!


Amanda Sanchez and FamilyIf you were on a desert island and could only take three things, what would they be?

Is this my husband? He loves to ask these kinds of questions. ;)

 The first two things I’d bring are Matt and Benjamin. The third thing… gosh, this is hard now that I’m a mom. My instincts are telling me to bring something to protect Benji, so maybe a manual breast pump to ensure I can keep feeding him. Is that weird?


What advice do you have for people trying to decorate for the holidays on a budget?

Growing up, my mom had decorations for every season (sometimes every single month) indoors and outdoors. She loves to decorate, however, she’s been adding to her collection over several years. 

My husband and I just bought our first home and not only do I not want to invest the money to swap out my decorations every month, I also wouldn’t have anywhere to store that many decorations! So for people like me who need their budget to go far with pieces that will last, I’d say invest in the foundational décor items and choose colors that are neutral enough for all seasons. 

We have these throw pillows from Walls Need Love and they literally go with everything—great investment pieces for me. I can pair them with plaid blankets in the winter and florals or stripes in the spring.

I’m also extremely passionate about the idea of removable wallpaper because you literally don’t have the commitment that comes with actually painting (and re-painting) your walls when you want to switch up your decor.

Holiday themed accent wall using Easy Stripe from WallsNeedLove

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

I am pretty simple when it comes to holiday traditions. I like putting on my festive PJ’s, turning all the Christmas lights on around the house, lighting a holiday candle and then plopping on the couch with my husband to watch Christmas Vacation, Elf or The Family Stone… whilst we sip hot cocoa and eat all of my mom’s gooey Christmas Chex mix. ;) (Ideally, it would be snowing outside for an extra cozy appeal.)


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