The August Edit: The Purple Tropics Collection

The August Edit: The Purple Tropics Collection

Tropical places have always had a way of mixing playfulness with relaxation. The warm breeze combined with the sun kissing your skin bring a touch of laid back energy like no other.

Perhaps it’s time to visit the tropics… And whoever said this has to involve a plane or a boat has obviously never seen our Purple and Tropical Removable Wallpaper collections. With a simple touch of design magic, you’d be able to keep the high spirits of the tropics with you, long after your tan has faded.

From playful florals to energizing greens, and the addition of the color Purple (which is a combination of the calm stability of Blue and the fierce energy of Red) will surely help you drift into a state of frolicky, tropical bliss.

WNL collaborates with different artists like Mystal, Zenina Anastasia, Nika Martinez and Depiano, among others, to design creative and ingenious removable wallpapers. The designs are always fresh and are perfect for setting the vibe for any room in your house.



DISCLAIMER: Caribbean Punch sold separately.

(Clockwise from left to right: In The Tropics, Buried Treasure, Hawaiian Shirt, Neon Flowers, Pineapple on Triangle, Grace)




Images from Wallgazers Christine Michelle Photography, The Merry Thought, Elizabeth Mayberry and Fiona Byrne of Coveteur

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