Artist Spotlight Series: Elisabeth Fredriksson

Artist Spotlight Series: Elisabeth Fredriksson

We are back this month with our second interview in our Artist Spotlight series. In April we've been highlighting our Art Deco wallpaper collection and we are thrilled to introduce you to Elisabeth Fredriksson, whose collection features our most popular Art Deco designs.

Elisabeth, after reading your bio on your site, it's clear that art and graphic design are your great passion in life. What is your favorite thing about being a full-time artist?

That I can spend my days doing what I love.

Is there a downside to having your passion also be your full-time profession?

Yes. Working from home is really nice but it can also be very lonely at times. Especially when you have lot's of work to do and you don't see other people for days. This year, I'm thinking about taking a class to get more social. 

This month our curated wallpaper collection is our Art Deco collection. Many of your designs on WallsNeedLove are featured in this collection. What about the Art Deco era inspires you so much? Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration can come from pretty much everywhere. I draw lots of inspiration from nature but also movies, books, games, a walk in the city or just a coffee stain on my desk. Just the other day I was watching a magpie walking around in the grass and thought, wow, this bird has beautiful colors. I'm definitely going to use them in my design. My biggest obsession is geometry and I love the art deco style, simply because it's so beautiful.

What is your favorite WallsNeedLove product?

I've been wanting to have my design on wallpaper for a really long time and now I can finally make that happen, so that's my favorite product.

How do companies like ours, which support artists worldwide, make it possible to live your dream as an artist?

First of all, thank you for making it possible! Without companies like yours, I have a hard time imagining how else I would be able to make this happen. One big factor is that you handle the manufacturing and shipping, which gives us artists time to focus on what we really love.

What is one thing in your home or studio you can’t live without?

I hate to say the computer, but that's where I'm making most of my designs. Other than that, my cat. He's really good company.

What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a full-time artist or launching a career in a creative field?

Be patient. It took me about 3 years to become a full-time artist so just because it doesn't happen right away or even within a year, don't give up. Showcase your work through a website and social media, don't be shy. And whether you are a designer, photographer or a musician, try new things and see where it takes you. I think it's important to never stop learning new things. Not just about design, photography or music, learn about everything. The more you know, the more you can use in your creative field.

How do you spread love in your community? Or what’s your favorite way to spread the love?

My favorite way to spread love is to always be nice to everyone. I want to make people comfortable to be themselves around me.

Describe your artistic style in 140 characters or less:

A mix between dreamy, elegant, playful and modern.

Choose 3 words to describe yourself:

Friendly, silly and Trekkie.

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