Summer Showers Bring Pantry Flowers

Summer Showers Bring Pantry Flowers

Let’s face it. Pantries are often your kitchen’s dirty little secret. Looming inconspicuously behind closed doors until some unsuspecting houseguest inadvertently unleashes chaos with one swing of the door. Long story short: kitchen pantries are usually an eyesore. But dressing up your pantry is one of the easiest ways to give your kitchen a little oomph. And we rejoiced when our blogger friend, Kelsey Bang, gave us the inside scoop behind her pantry makeover.

Our pantry is one of the most used areas of our home, so we thought it was time to spice it up!  Since it’s a hidden area of the home, this is a place you can have a little more fun and creativity with! We wanted our pantry to be fun, colorful, and easy to use.”


The Process


We asked Kelsey about the inspiration behind this space.


“My grandma’s pantry! She had a super cute orange floral wallpaper and so when I saw this one on WallsNeedLove, I knew we had to put it in our pantry! I love when a design is modern and fun but reminds me of the past!”


We couldn’t agree more! Our Bract Removable Wallpaper is the perfect addition to the space!


The Adorable Couple Behind Kelsey Bang!

Jake and Kelsey Bang are a married duo who love the outdoors, traveling, Disneyland, good food and fashion. They love being able to enjoy life and share it with the ones they love!

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