Spots and Stripes for The Perfect Boy's Bathroom!

Spots and Stripes for The Perfect Boy's Bathroom!

Your little ones’ space can be one of the most fun spots to decorate in your entire home. You can be as playful as you want when it comes to themes and colors and the possibilities can be endless with the right imagination.

The unique excitement and energetic fun that comes with decorating a boy’s bathroom already goes without saying. And we’re basically feeling a spill-over effect with the boy’s bathroom decor idea that Merrick White of Merrick’s Art shared on her blog.



When asked about the inspiration behind it: “The style of our home is very clean and simple with lots of whites and grays, so it leaves a lot of room for pops of pattern and personality. The second I saw this spots and stripes wallpaper, I fell in love with it. It's bold, fun, unexpected, and so perfect for a boy space. Once it was on the walls, I loved it even more, and it completely transformed this boring little bathroom into a chic and sophisticated space that will grow with my boys.”


Our Spots & Stripes removable wallpaper makes for a perfect “mix of mature and juvenile”, definitely something that can be shared by kids who are at different stages!

And on the ease of use of Walls Need Love’s removable wallpaper, Merrick says: “The thing I love most about this wallpaper is that it’s vinyl, so it’s so easy to install, and so easy to take down. It’s the perfect thing to transform a rental space without any damage, or to put in your home and change later if you change your mind.”



See Merrick’s original post here.

The lovely momma behind Merrick’s Art

Merrick White is a style and sewing blogger, and mama of three little boys. She and her husband just bought a home in Orange County, California, and have had a blast playing interior designer over the last few months as they've turned a house into a home. When she's not working, she's eating frozen chocolate chips and listening to audiobooks with her kids.

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