Worldwide Shipping | 3 Day Turnaround | Custom Crafted in Nashville, 🇺🇸Since 2008

Worldwide Shipping | 3 Day Turnaround | Custom Crafted in Nashville, 🇺🇸Since 2008

Worldwide Shipping | 3 Day Turnaround | Custom Crafted in Nashville, 🇺🇸Since 2008




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Sample size

Sample Size

Choose between standard 8.5x11 inch samples or a jumbo 26x26 inch sample. 

8.5'' x 11''
$4 each | Great for proofing art, color, and comparing paper types.
26'' x 26''
$24 each | The biggest and best visual for pros and large projects.

Select your paper type

Paper Type

Choose between three distinct paper types. Read below for information about each. Feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need assistance choosing a paper type. 



Smooth linen texture with a matte finish. Simple DIY installation. Easily repositions and removes clean. Heavy thickness easily masks wall texture and bumps. Vibrant color, superior print definition, and is washable. 100% the best peel-and-stick and our most popular wall covering choice.


Elegant and smooth matte finish wallpaper. Vibrant colors, superior print definition and washable. Standard paste-the-wall application. Popular among those who like a traditional wall covering for home and office use.


Durable and rugged, this pebble textured wallpaper excels in high traffic areas and commercial spaces. Type-2 certified and washable with a standard paste-the-wall application. Popular for those who prefer traditional wall coverings with rugged durability for high traffic areas.

Art Deco Storage Space Spruce Up

Closets are where we store things away to make sure everything else in the house remains organized. Very rarely do we think of this space as something glamorous and glittering. So how often do we think about clearing the decks and sprucing up our storage places? The answer? Not nearly often enough. But once you see the unexpected closet makeover that Oak + Oats did with the help of WallsNeedLove’s White Stone Removable Wallpaper, you might just rethink about slicking and decking out your neglected storeroom.


The Inspiration

Since it isn't the most glamorous space, I wanted to add some Gatsby-esque vibes to remind us to still have fun while we work! It totally does the job! Plus it matches all our colorful spools of PLA!



On teaming up with WallsNeedLove

We’ve used WallsNeedLove so many times now that we are practically pros. Bruce doesn’t even need my help anymore and puts up the paper in less than 30 minutes. He is a champ! We love using WallsNeedLove because it is such a fun way to bring fun & life to a room (even if you are a renter!) Removable wallpaper is pretty much the dream and makes such a difference.




Read more about Oak + Oats’ Unlikely Closet Makeover with WallsNeedLove here.


The gorgeous gal behind the makeover

Oak + Oats

Elizabeth is a Colorado lifestyle blogger and photographer at Oak + Oats. You can typically find her wearing Chacos, drinking local beer, and spending time with her gang.