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Adulting 101: Wall Decor Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment

The moment of truth has come. You've moved out of the nest!

At 25 years old, I'm still trying to navigate the adult world with poise and grace. I no longer rely on ramen noodles for survival. My ability to not burn chicken has become increasingly high -- an accomplishment my tastebuds revel in. Us millennials, we're moving up in the world, y'all! So shouldn't our art?

Lesson in adulting #1: Upgrade Your Wall Art.

My teenage years brought about a bizarre fascination with collages made from inspirational words and fashion magazine cutouts. While Leonardio DiCaprio may still be very much relevant today, this is no excuse for having his face collage plastered on your walls. Seriously, that stuff's gotsta go. 

Instead, opt for inexpensive art pieces that can grow with your style. This could come in a variety of options: 

Art Prints 

Art prints are a great, affordable choice because they look great whether you decide to frame them or not. Our art prints are printed on archival, gallery quality paper and start at only $12! So for under $50, you can start a gallery wall of your own.

Adulating 101: Wall Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment

Adhesive Art Prints and Circular Cutouts

Sometimes framed pieces of art aren't ideal for renters or dorm dwellers because, well, nails. But these REMOVABLE adhesive art poster decals are perfect! Plus, you cut costs even more since framing isn't necessary. Win-win! Another fun option are Circular Cutouts. They put a fun spin on your wall art.

 Wall Decor Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment | Adhesive Circular Cutouts by @wallsneedlove are a fun, REMOVABLE and inexpensive way to upgrade the art on your walls.

Wall Tapestries

Tapestries are extremely versatile. Wall Tapestries particularly great because they can cover a large space for not a lot of moolah -- which when you're a fresh faced graduate with little disposable income is the best thing ever. 

Bring some fun and affordable art to your walls with wall tapestries by @wallsneedlove.

The great thing about these wall art options, is that they can be mixed and matched together to create a really unique and cohesive look. 

For more home essentials, shop our back-to-school page! For dorm and apartment inspiration, follow our Dorm Style Pinterest board

July 22, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Wall Trends: Floral and Stripes

Floral and stripes. Ahhh, is there anything better? Maybe we're a liiiittle biased, we've been crushing on bold stripes and graphic florals for a while now. But with floral interiors being a must in 2016 and bold stripes a home decor staple that will never go out of style, it makes sense that these two elements are a design dream team. 

Easy Stripe by WallsNeedLove and paper floral bouquet by BloomBox

Bold black Easy Stripe wall decals by @wallsneedlove and paper flowers by Bloom Box

See? Stripes and florals just make sense together. Instagram user @everything_emp paired our 8" Easy Stripe wall decals in black and our gold confetti dots with these adorable paper flowers.

You know WE love it, but what do you all think? Is this something you'd recreate in your home?


Lessons in Decorating: Dorm Edition

Get the 411 about decorating your home away from home.

Class is back in session... Well, almost. With the humid, summer air still filled with scents of sunscreen and salt, days of syllabi and awkward freshman mixers seem like the very distant future. But, it's never too early to start preparing yourself for what we hope are the best four years of your life. This is one college prep course you'll actually enjoy! Plus, a little summer reading never hurts ;) 

WallsNeedLove is helping to get you inspired, organized and ready for move-in day.

A Lesson in Luxe by @wallsneedlove

 Find all of the high quality, affordable decor at

Lessons in Adventuring

Get equipped with the designs that will make your space a class above the rest.

A Lesson in Form and Function

Stay on track and your roommates good side with these amazing designs from @wallsneedlove.

A Lesson in Multitasking

Stay organized and inspired with the perfect dorm and desk accessories.


July 15, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Tapestries: Art You Can Take Anywhere

Drum roll, please....  


This past year we've rolled out a lot of new products.

And I mean A LOT. Throw pillows, fleece blankets, duvet covers, pouffes -- there are so many new products to put your favorite art on! But none is probably as versatile as our Wall Tapestries. Whether you simply hang it on a wall or lay it over a white comforter to add some interest, there really is no wrong way to use our wall tapestries. 

Take your art anywhere with tapestries by @wallsneedlove.

Now with summer in full swing, my favorite way to utilize our tapestries is outside. Yup, we're taking our wall tapestries outside. To picnics, to festivals, to the park for a nice study break -- tapestries really are art you can take anywhere! 

Take a study break outside with a @wallsneedlove tapestry and a good book!

 Ali Gulec's DJ Tapestry

Pizza Party Tapestry in  the park sold by @wallsneedlove. @wallsneedlove's tapestries: Art you can take anywhere! Even the park.

Alpha-Tone's Pizza Party Tapestry

It's stylish and guaranteed to turn heads. Grab yours today and get to styling wherever you go!

Shibori Fever

I was never a fan of the tie-dye craze that swept the 90s. I remember one summer at girl scout camp being forced, as I recall, against my will to not only partake in the tie-dying process, but to then wear my psychedelic masterpiece like a badge of honor. I resisted at every turn. And as much as I hated the tie-dye-mania then, I have to admit: I am finally coming around to it-- all thanks to Shibori.

Shibori dyed garments.

photo credit: Park & Cube

Seriously, give me all of the shibori things. 

If you aren't sure what shibori is, no worries. "Shibori" is an ancient Japanese tie-dyeing technique that consists of intricate folds and bindings before its dyed. And let me just tell you, it's having a moment right now.

Shibori home decor is having a moment. Can't get enough of this trend.

So, naturally, when our team was brainstorming new art to add to the WallsNeedLove featured art I became a champion for one thing and one thing only. Shibori. 

It's the perfect addition to add to your summer decor rotation. Plus, there are so many beautiful variations in designs that it adds a bit uniqueness to the space. You can view the full collection here.

Here are a few of my favorites. I'm telling you, it's hard to pick just one. My home may be getting a few new additions.

The Bottom Line Throw Pillow by @wallsneedlove. Under the Microscope Throw Pillow by @wallsneedlove.Calypso's Wave Throw Pillow by @wallsneedlove. Everything Is Black and White Throw Pillow by @wallsneedlove.

Which ones are your favorites? 


June 30, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Blogger Spotlight: Amy Welch Loochtan of Coffee Beans & Bobby Pins

Meet the Blogger of Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins Blog Header

Corporate professional by day, full-time blogger by night, Amy of Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins never imagined her blog would become the virtual sensation it is today. In just four years, her blog has become more than just a fun, side hobby. It's now a space for collaboration, inspiration and tips for living fabulously everyday -- something I'm definitely on board with. 

As a company that loves collaboration, (we've worked with Amy to makeover her powder room and add a little sparkle to her home office) we recently sat down to learn a little more about the girl behind one of our favorite blogs. 

CBBP used @wallneedlove's Painted Magnolia Removable Wallpaper in her powder room.    @wallsneedlove's 2" Confetti Dot wall decals in gold make the perfect backdrop!

Getting to know Amy 

Amy Loochtan Blogger Feature on
First thing's first, we love CBBP! Was owning your own blog always your career goal?

I never started CBBP with the intention of making money or it becoming so time consuming (which I’m thankful for!). At first, I just wanted to write and wear cute outfits. 😊 After time, it morphed into so much more than that. I am constantly trying to push myself and collaborate with more brands, grow my audience and provide a wide variety of topics for my readers. It’s hard working full time and blogging full time, but I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything. I am so thankful it’s become more than what I originally thought it could. 

    Where did the inspiration behind your blog name come from?

    I was sitting on the couch with my best friend and we kept throwing names out. At the time, I would always fix my hair and my girlfriends'. So the bobby pins part was easy. Then I thought, “well, I love coffee…” Thus, Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins was born. 

      You've been collaborating with brands for a while now. Tell us about your favorite brand collaboration and why.

      I love the freedom and creativity that WallsNeedLove has offered. I am still obsessed with our half bath makeover and we get so many compliments on it. I’ve also really loved working with brands like Target, Henri Bendel and Sole Society (what girl doesn’t love shoes?).

      What are your design choices inspired by?

      I am drawn to neutrals, so anything cream and white inspires me. I love perusing Pinterest and looking at home décor of friends and family.  I always buy bright colored things and end up returning them, and so I always ask myself “will I love this tomorrow?” I’ve found I prefer classic/neutral larger pieces and bright/fun
      colors as accents so I can mix them up a bit more.

      Describe your style in 140 characters or less. Amy used our Painted Magnolia Removable Wallpaper to update her powder room.

      Classic, bright and breezy mixed with old and new. Most of what we have has a story or a memory that goes along with it and I love that. 

      Where is your favorite place to work on your blog and why?

      At the table with my husband working on his computer next to me. Sound so cheesy. We both have offices, but we prefer to sit at the dining table next to one another and “spend” time together. He’s a busy resident and I’m a busy corporate/blogger gal, so we make it work the best we can. We often pour a glass of wine and listen to Frank Sinatra while working. It’s the best. 

        Who is your favorite online retailer? 

        Clothing: J.Crew or Anthropologie. Décor: PotteryBarn or West Elm

        What's the last book you read?

        Me Before You. I can’t wait to see it in theaters and cry my eyes out. 

        When you're not blogging, you can be found doing what?

        Running, walking the dogs, exploring new places to eat, or drinking wine with girlfriends. If it’s sunny and outside, chances are, I’m on a patio somewhere. 

          Social network you can't live without?

          Instagram, but Snapchat is slowing catching up (IG: @amy_cbandbp / Snap: Welchie24) 

            When at Starbucks, you order ____?

            Cold: Grande Iced Coffee, black. Hot: Flat white with coconut milk

            Amy's Collection

             Shop Amy's WNL Picks Now!

            2" Confetti Dot Polka Dot Wall Decals in Gold
            Painted Magnolias Removable Wallpaper
            Vintage World Map Removable Wall Mural
            3" Black Easy Stripe
            The Golden Girl Poster by Sara Eshak
            June 27, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe Using Easy Stripe Wall Decals by WallsNeedLove

            Our Easy Stripe product has been saving walls—and relationships—for years. Gone are the days of priming, endless measuring, taping, painting, inevitable paint spills and the consequential day dream of you strangling your significant other. Seriously, Easy Stripe wall decals are a game changer. So why wouldn't you use them, right? But did you know you can stripe more than just your walls? Here are 7 incredibly cool and unexpected things to stripe with our Easy Stripe wall decals

            1. While not a completely unexpected thing to stripe, the grid wall is definitely an unexpected application; therefore, making our list. 

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe | Create a fun accent wall with Easy Stripe vinyl striping. No painting required!

            via Making Home Base

            2. A completely underutilized canvas, putting stripes on the ceiling is a fun and unexpected way to bring some personality to your space. Plus, with Easy Stripe it makes installation a breeze. 

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe | Walls have had their time. @thouswell used Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove to create this amazing DIY Lattice Ceiling. 7 Unexpected Things to Stripe | @merricksart used Easy Stripe vinyl striping by @wallsneedlove

            via Thou Swell                                                                             via Merrick's Art

            3. Turn a chair from drab to fab with this awesome Easy Stripe DIY from Lovely Indeed

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe using @wallsneedlove's vinyl striping
             via Lovely Indeed

            4. I've seen some pretty janky refrigerators, especially if your renting... They're usually yellowed with age and have some form of faux wood paneling on the handles. *shutters* But when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I thought this was a perfect DIY for some Easy Stripe. Plus, the Easy Stripe can double as a chalkboard. Perfect for writing down your grocery list.

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe Using Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove | DIY Gold Striped Fridge

            via Style Me Pretty

            5. Maybe the easiest DIY of the bunch, this striped side table could easily be recreated with Easy Stripe. Plus, it makes a cool display for your favorite books and some fresh flowers!

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe using Easy Stripe vinyl decals by @wallsneedlove

            via The Crafted Life

            6. Calling all trendsetters! This. Is. So. Cool. Doors can be a focal point too! 

            7b Unexpected Things to Stripe with Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove | Use vinyl striping to add interest to a door! Super cool DIY

            7. Still have some Easy Stripe leftover after all these cool DIY's? Dress your tech with the extras! 

            7 Unexpected Things to Stripe using Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove | Dress your tech with vinyl striping!

            June 22, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

            Hit snooze! Reaching the ultimate #bedgoals just got A LOT easier.


            Mt. Shuckson Adhesive Headboard Decal by @wallsneedlove

            Summer is in full swing, which means some of you might be spending a few more hours a day catching some Z's with your newly reacquainted BFF (aka your bed). Or you might just be looking for a quick way to give your bedroom a little facelift. Whether you're in pursuit of #lifegoals or #bedgoals, adhesive headboard decals are a life hack that everyone should know about. 

            These adhesive headboards from @wallsneedlove are giving us major bed envy. They're wall decals -- so they're perfect for renters, dorms, any space! Just peel & stick. No assembly required!

            June 14, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

            Art Guys Will Love

            Gallery Wall at WallsNeedLove HQ full of art guys will love!

            Okay guys, it’s time to whip your art game into shape. You may have strategically hung flimsy posters of your favorite bands over the giant hole in your drywall, but just know: you’re not fooling anyone. Because the real travesty is not the night you and your buddy tried recreating the lift scene from Dirty Dancing (hence, the hole in the wall). Nope. It’s the tattered Dave Matthews Band poster hanging next to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Don’t get us wrong, we love RHCP and Dave, but maybe it’s time to turn in the memorabilia for something a little more sophisticated. 

            Don’t know where to start? That’s okay! We’re here to help you fellas (and ladies shopping for fellas) out. Added bonus: it’s just in time for Father’s Day!

            Whip his art game in to shape with this collection of art for guys. No more excuses! 


            June 10, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

            Unique & Affordable Art for the Summer

            I’m usually a neutrals gal so I don’t know what it is about summer that makes me gravitate towards pops of neon, bright photography prints and vivid patterns. But one thing I do know is that I’ve got a serious hankering for some fresh new art in my home. 

            Trust me when I say our new art situation is exactly what you need for the summer.

             Unique and affordable, has the hottest art for the summer.

            June 08, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence