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Influencer Spotlight: Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless


Little Miss Fearless interview with


With more than 62,000 followers on Instagram alone, it’s hard to believe that Amanda Sanchez has only been blogging for four years. One look at and it’s nearly impossible not to walk away inspired. Her feel good pep talks, fashion and fitness tips, and home decor inspo turns a single downward flick of the mouse into a highly curated rabbit hole, which I’m more than happy to go down. 

We [virtually] sat down with Little Miss Fearless herself to learn more about her creative process, the 3 things she’d bring on a deserted island, and women’s two superpowers. 

Get to Know Amanda!


Meet lifestyle blogger and influencer, Amanda Sanchez of Little Miss Fearless


What’s the story behind Little Miss Fearless? Where did the inspiration behind your blog name come from?

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. This is the perspective that drives me through many of life’s challenges. Before sharing my style on the world wide web, I used to photograph my outfits on my laptop in college, simply to solve the challenge of having “nothing to wear” each day.

After earning my degree, I began my career as a PR consultant and social media strategist at one of Salt Lake City’s top, full-service agencies, where I quickly gravitated to clients in the retail, beauty, health and travel industries. Following several trips to New York, introducing my clients to top editors at Vogue, Elle, Glamour, People, Self, Travel + Leisure, and more, my excitement to pursue my own fashion interests finally outpaced my fears. Thus began “Little Miss Fearless,” a personal style blog where I showcase my love for creativity, #momlife, fashion, fitness and positive pep talks.

At the core, Little Miss Fearless conveys one major theme for the woman who wants to have it all—confidence and a healthy self-image are your secret powers.


Describe your home decor style in 140 characters or less. 

My home décor style is transitional. I love the character of traditional pieces (distressed woods, curvy furniture) paired with the freshness of modern styles (clean lines, bright whites, etc.). If Anthropologie and West Elm had a baby, we’d call it my dream home.



Working full-time in brand publishing, plus running a highly successful blog, how do you find work-life balance?

When I started my blog 4 years ago, I worked full-time at a very fast-paced, full-service advertising agency. I wasn’t sure how I was going to balance both worlds, along with my marriage, but it worked. I always told myself when I had a baby I would have to let something go. And now here I am still trying to do it all. 

What it comes down to is passion and purpose. I’ve always been grateful for my blog because it brings creativity and challenges to my life that I don’t get in other areas. I also have fun doing it, even though it is hard work. Likewise, with my career, I enjoy the brilliant people I get to meet and work with and love that I’m putting my college degree to work and challenging myself there. 

Mom life is my favorite and most fulfilling role. I didn’t know what it felt like to have purpose until I became a mom. Everything I do is ultimately for my family, and when you put all of those worlds together, it is an insane time-management balancing act, but it constantly teaches me to keep trying, to throw the idea of “perfect” out the window, and to value relationships above everything else.


We visited Salt Lake City last year and fell in love! What do you love most about living in SLC?

Next time let’s grab lunch! I love Salt Lake City first and foremost because it’s home. I was born and raised here and have so many memories. I’m a beach lover, but nothing compares to our warm summer nights, IMO. SLC has so much to offer for photography, families, anyone who loves being outdoors, and we have some pretty great restaurant options for the foodies. 


What keeps you creative? Where do you find inspiration?

Like any fashion blogger, I have struggled at times with the comparison game. It’s tough to see everyone around you doing amazing things and wonder if you measure up. But I have found that actually connecting with others and supporting each other (rather than competing) is what makes the blogging world so fun. And I’ve found so much more success and inspiration that way. Tactically, I get lots of my ideas when I’m exercising (I’m constantly writing things down in my Notes app on my phone) or when I’m trying to fall asleep at night (not ideal, but I have to take advantage when it happens, so out comes my Notes app again). I think the more creativity we can expose ourselves to, the more ideas we can generate.

#bedgoals by Little Miss Fearless | Influencer spotlight with WallsNeedLove  Finding inspiration everywhere, Little Miss Fearless stays creative even when she's working out.

Where is your favorite place to work on your blog? 

In a quiet room with my laptop and a comfortable chair, whether that’s my bed, home office or elsewhere. As long as it’s quiet, I can be extremely productive. 


When you’re not blogging or working you can be found doing what?

Daydreaming. Or lounging on the beach in Maui. Or both. I love soul searching and taking time to live in the moment and figure out who I want to be!  It’s a life-long discovery.


What social network can you not live without?

Instagram. Although, I just started using Snapchat in the last 9 months and love that it’s still the obscure “cool kid” of the social networks. I also can’t stop saving videos of Benjamin to my Snapchat Memories!


Amanda Sanchez and FamilyIf you were on a desert island and could only take three things, what would they be?

Is this my husband? He loves to ask these kinds of questions. ;)

 The first two things I’d bring are Matt and Benjamin. The third thing… gosh, this is hard now that I’m a mom. My instincts are telling me to bring something to protect Benji, so maybe a manual breast pump to ensure I can keep feeding him. Is that weird?


What advice do you have for people trying to decorate for the holidays on a budget?

Growing up, my mom had decorations for every season (sometimes every single month) indoors and outdoors. She loves to decorate, however, she’s been adding to her collection over several years. 

My husband and I just bought our first home and not only do I not want to invest the money to swap out my decorations every month, I also wouldn’t have anywhere to store that many decorations! So for people like me who need their budget to go far with pieces that will last, I’d say invest in the foundational décor items and choose colors that are neutral enough for all seasons. 

We have these throw pillows from Walls Need Love and they literally go with everything—great investment pieces for me. I can pair them with plaid blankets in the winter and florals or stripes in the spring.

I’m also extremely passionate about the idea of removable wallpaper because you literally don’t have the commitment that comes with actually painting (and re-painting) your walls when you want to switch up your decor.

Holiday themed accent wall using Easy Stripe from WallsNeedLove

What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

I am pretty simple when it comes to holiday traditions. I like putting on my festive PJ’s, turning all the Christmas lights on around the house, lighting a holiday candle and then plopping on the couch with my husband to watch Christmas Vacation, Elf or The Family Stone… whilst we sip hot cocoa and eat all of my mom’s gooey Christmas Chex mix. ;) (Ideally, it would be snowing outside for an extra cozy appeal.)


Shop Little Miss Fearless's top products from WallsNeedLove


February 09, 2017 by Kelsey Lawrence

Meet the Influencer: Gentri Lee

Take one look at Gentri Lee’s blog and it’s evident that this twenty-something creative is more than just a girl with a blog. She’s stylish, adventurous, extremely inventive—truly a modern renaissance women in the digital age. Just last week I found myself lost in her Instagram feed, completely enthralled in a life beyond my own and inspired to gain a few more experiences in 2017.

 Antique Map wall decals DIY stationary using wall decals

Whether it’s spending a month abroad or planning an impromptu rainy day get together, Gentri brings a little bit of whimsy wherever she goes. Naturally, it had us wondering: How does she do it?

Get to know Gentri Lee.


Between being a stylist, makeup artist, blogger and aesthetician, how do you find balance between all of these interests? 

Balance is something I have to constantly work on. But when you're passionate about something, you'll find the time to make it happen.

Meet Gentri Lee, the 20-something taking the blogosphere by storm.

What do you love most about blogging?

Blogging is the perfect way for me to bring all of my passions into one space. On my blog I can talk beauty, fashion, party planning, and whatever else I'm passionate about. Also, I have made some incredible friends and connections through blogging, which is a blessing I never expected when I began my blogging journey.

When coming up with creative ideas, where do you look for/find inspiration?

Pinterest is my go-to for quick brainstorming sessions. But I find my best inspirations while I'm traveling or out in nature. Something about getting out and about really unlocks all of the senses.

 You know how to throw one heck of a party! We’re in love with the Rainy Day Party Ideas. With the holidays just around the corner, what are some easy, low commitment tips to decorate for holiday party season?

Thank you! I love to use natural elements in my party decor; from fallen pine cones to potted house plants. Nature already looks great, so all you have to do is add it to your party space. I also love to check thrift and antique stores for unique and affordable pieces I can use either as decor or serving tools. My favorite rose colored drinking glasses are ones I picked up at an antique store for a bargain!

 Describe your personal decor style in 140 characters or less.

My decor style is a combination of modern and antique, eclectic and minimal, accented with an abundance of plant life. I love natural elements and artisan made pieces, all placed inside a clean and simple space. Some of my favorite items are my midcentury modern leather couch, my many hand-made wall hangings, and my cuckoo clock I just picked up in Germany! 

My decor style is a combination of modern and antique, eclectic and minimal, accented with an abundance of plant life.

You’ve lived all across the US, from Florida to Alaska, what would you say your favorite place to live has been? Why?

I hate picking favorites, especially when there isn't a clear answer. Each place has had something unique to offer and I've come away a better person for each experience I have had. Alaska speaks to my nature-loving soul while D.C. was a place of learning and growth. But, I always end up back where I started - in Salt Lake City, Utah. There's a good balance of urban living and natural solitude here.

 As a traveler, what has been your favorite place to visit and why?

Again, picking favorites is not my thing... But since I did just return from Europe (which is completely wonderful) and am still on the high from my month-long travels, I would have to say Norway. I tell people all the time, that the best word to describe Norway is "magical". You can't visit Norway and not come away with stars in your eyes and a firm belief that magic must exist.

 Norway city captured by travel-bug, Gentri Lee. Gentri Lee in the Norwegian Woods The countryside of Norway - Influencer Spotlight: Gentri Lee

What would your dream road trip look like?

I read an article once that said they were looking into building a bridge between Alaska and Russia so road trippers would be able to start in New York City and drive all the way to London. As a road trip junkie, you know that I would be first in line for that one!

  What’s the last book you’d recommend? 

The Alchemist is the last book I read that I couldn't put down. It's incredibly inspiring!

 What’s one social media platform you can’t live without?

Instagram, of course! I love the visual elements and being able to curate my own "art gallery".

Shop Gentri's Top Picks!

Realistic Bricks Removable Wallpaper

Desert Cacti

Weekend Retreat Wall Mural

Moon Circle Wall Decal

World Map

November 29, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

Meet the Influencer: Sengerson

Seng Nickerson's affinity for story telling started long before she launched Prior to Facebook taking over the internet and after NSYNC danced their way into our hearts, Seng started her first blogging experience on her university's  server. Now married with children and an exciting career under her belt, Seng still enjoys documenting her love of photography, home decor and DIY projects; all three of which are evident in our collaborations with her. 

Create a photo back drop using removable and reusable wallpaper from WallsNeedLove Make your outdoor space beautiful with some throw pillows by WallsNeedLove Lining Drawers with Removable Wallpaper

Learn more about this thirty-something and full time project manager!

Get To Know Seng

Send Nickerson of Sengerson blog for WallsNeedLove  Seng Nickerson of Sengerson blog

WNL: First thing's first, we love! Was owning your own blog always your career goal?

S: Thank you! You guys are way too kind! While I do dream of running my blog as a full-time career, it was actually developed because I needed a creative outlet outside of my career as a project manager. I love that I can create, write and photograph and share our family's story through the blog.

    WNL: You've been collaborating with brands for a while now. Tell us about your favorite brand collaboration and why.

    S: Some of my favorite collaborations have been the ones where I can use the products to make our family's home a home. I know that sounds cheesy, but I love working with brands that match my vibe. Some of the collaborations have been where I have been able to finish decorating my girls' rooms with wall art and creating a new nursery for my baby boy!

      WNL: What are your design choices inspired by?
      S: I am in love with neutral palettes, which I got from Joanna Gaines and Liz Marie Blog. Their styles are want I aspire to be! However, I realize I do have kids and white might not always be the best choice for inside the home.
        WNL: What design tips do you have for readers at home when taking on projects at home?

        S: Have an idea of what your style is. Know your style. Know what you are drawn to. And then make that space uniquely yours. Don't just copy someone else's style. Make it your own.
          WNL: Describe your design style in 140 characters or less. 

          S: Farmhouse Style in Suburbia America. It's possible. :)
            WNL: Where is your favorite place to work on your blog and why?

            S: In our master bedroom! We just updated our master bedroom and I have this AMAZING secretary's desk that doubles as a nightstand. I can finish blogging at the desk and then just hop in bed! Literally hop.
              WNL: Who is your favorite online retailer? 

              S: I have so many! Walls Need Love of course! Honestly, I don't have any favorites that I go to all the time. I get inspiration from Restoration Hardware, Arhaus (doesn't mean I can afford everything there), Cost World Market, Pottery Barn just to name a few!
                WNL: What's the last book you read? 

                S: The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.
                  WNL: When you're not blogging, you can be found doing what?

                  S: You'll find me:
                  • Attending my two girls' gymnastics classes, soccer practice/games, dance recitals
                  • Chasing my one year old around as he drops a trail of Skinny Popcorn throughout the house
                  • Begging my amazing husband to not complain and actually smile about the next family photo shoot that we have (seriously, I work on this guy 3 months before the shoot starts).
                  • Dancing to Don't Worry, Be Happy with the kids

                    WNL: Social network you can't live without?

                    S: I'm old school. Facebook. Seriously, I was signed up on Facebook when they opened it up to my alma mater's email domain name. We go way back.

                     Shop Sengerson's Curated Collection

                    Be the Change art by Leah Flores  White arrows over a gold background make for pleasant surroundings in any room. Fill your space with golden tranquility. Adding removable wallpaper to your space is much simpler than painting.  These floral patterned letter wall decals are perfect for building your own monogram! Delicate petals and elegant pattern.   If Life Gives You Lemons Outdoor Throw Pillow by WallsNeedLove  Life of Lemons Outdoor Throw Pillow by WallsNeedLove  Sketch Floral Removable Wallpaper by WallsNeedLove  A staple of the south, these beautiful painted magnolias make the perfect addition to any Gone With The Wind style home. 

                      September 21, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

                      Go Bold in Small Spaces with Removable Wallpaper

                      We've been told for years, if you want to make a small space feel bigger, you paint it a neutral color. Maaaybe add some subtle colors in your accessories. Other than that, though, you keep it pretty basic. 

                      But, as strong advocates of beautiful and sometimes daring (read: removable) wallpaper, we find spaces decorated in monochromatic boredom just a bit blasé -- which is why these bold small spaces are just really speaking to us.

                       Powder room transformation using removable wallpaper from WallsNeedLove | Merrick's Art

                      Powder rooms are the perfect spaces to experiment with some color and daring prints. And while our Handwriting Removable Wallpaper in Merrick's Art's bathroom could be considered "neutral" in palette, the cursive script gives a bit of edginess that really makes this little space pop. Plus, black and white is always a great combination when wanting to go bold in a room because of their stark contrasts with each other. 

                      Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins uses WallsNeedLove's removable wallpaper to update her powder room.

                      If you're really wanting to make a statement in your tight living area, a lively pattern helps bring drama and interest to your walls. Amy of Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins  brought the pizazz with our Painted Magnolias removable wallpaper in her half bath.

                      If wallpapering an entire room seems a little daunting, start small. You can still make a statement with accent walls!

                      Go Bold in Small Spaces with Removable Wallpaper by WallsNeedLove

                      Feminine doesn't have to mean dainty. We love the edginess Kirsten of Simply Grove brought to our Helen removable wallpaper. Keeping the rest of the elements in the room simple and neutral will help bring the accent wall to the forefront and prevent conflicting or competing design elements within the room.  

                      Emily A. Clark turned her kids' playroom into a chic, fun space using fun pops of color and removable wallpaper from @wallsneedlove.

                      Stick with one color palette. Again, too many elements within one room is crazy on its own, but add a eye-catching print to your walls and you've got chaos. Keeping with one color palette ensures that your design stays cohesive and fabulous - like Emily A. Clark's playroom makeover. She built her color palette around this removable wallpaper.

                      Bold and beautiful bohemian inspired removable wallpaper by WallsNeedLove

                      The Bold and the Bohemian.  Mixing a more traditional and ornate pattern like our Victorian Peacock in Red removable wallpaper with more laid-back designs and fabrics creates a cozy, eclectic vibe in your small space.

                      Banana Leaf Wallpaper. Bold. Beautiful. A No Brainer! Only at WallsNeedLove

                      Simple patterns on a larger scale can make a high impact without overwhelming your wall. Scaling the pattern up allows the design to breath and prevents the room from becoming busy, which is the exact opposite of bold. To recreate this look from The Merrythought using our Banana Leaf removable wallpaper.

                      Truthfully, there is no right or wrong way to go bold. The best spaces are the ones that make you feel at home.

                      Shop our entire home decor product line to create your next space.

                      So, How Much Easy Stripe Do I Really Need To Buy?

                      Our Easy Stripe wall decal product is kind of revolutionary. I mean, no-paint-required, removable vinyl wall striping? Hello. It's genius! Don't believe me? Check out some of these crazy cool things you can do with Easy Stripe on our blog and our Pinterest.

                      So it makes sense that we get a lot of questions about it. One of the biggest head scratchers though is, "How much do I need?" 

                      Easy Stripe rolls in Pebble

                      Order too little and you're forced to put your project on hold. Too much and you'll be striping everything in your path (not a completely terrible idea).

                      First thing's first, planning. How many vinyl stripes you'll need depends entirely on your design. For the sake of keeping this simple, let's say your wall is 8ft x 9ft (width and height, respectively) and you want to vertical stripes along the width of your wall. 

                       *Some things to be aware of when planning: each roll of Easy Stripe has 36 feet of striping. 

                      Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. We know that the wall is 9ft high and each roll of striping has 36ft. You need to divide the material you have (36ft) by the material you need (9ft in length for each stripe). This will give you an idea of how many 9ft vinyl stripes you can get out of each roll of Easy Stripe. In this case, we have enough material for 4 stripes per roll because 36 ÷ 9 = 4. 

                      Makes sense, right?!

                      Now, let's focus on how many stripes you want. To be honest, this is completely up to you! In our opinion, it's much easier to establish how many stripes you want along the width of your wall, first, then from there you can determine which stripe width and distance between each vinyl stripe is best. So, if you want 8 stripes across your wall, you'll need 2 rolls of whichever size Easy Stripe you'd like! Because really, you can't go wrong! 

                      Modern and Colorful Bedroom Makeover with Persia Lou using Easy Stripes by WallsNeedLove   Grid wall using Easy Stripe vinyl Wall Decals by WallsNeedLove

                      c/o Persia Lou / c/o The Merry Thought


                      Dorm Takeover with A Little Craft In Your Day

                      Get Easy and Affordable Dorm Ideas with our Dorm Takeover with A Little Craft In Your Day

                      Earlier this year our Marketing Department traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for a conference. It was a hectic week and we met so many amazing people, but there were two that really stood out. Their names are Tanner and Courtney, two bloggers full of spirit and enthusiasm...and only 18 years old. Courtney is going off to college this year and they immediately pinned us for a dorm room collaboration. We loved the idea and so began our relationship. We thoroughly enjoyed working with these two and couldn’t be more impressed with the dorm they created.

                      We sat down with them and asked them a little bit about themselves and their process!

                      Before the dorm takeover, this dorm room was sad. Wait until you see the end results!


                      After! Tanner and Courtney created such a fun and functional dorm room fit for any college student!

                      How did you both get interested in crafting and design?

                      Courtney: I have always been crafty. My kindergarten teacher even sent me to a therapist because all I did was color at recess. All the therapist said was "she just really likes to color!" 

                      Tanner: I've been crafting since I can remember. I've always been that kid to craft his moms gifts and not much has changed. :) 

                      What is it like to work so closely with such a good friend?

                      T&C: It is the best thing ever. We are always bouncing ideas off of each other and motivating each other to go above and beyond. 

                      Dorm Takeover: Create a relaxing and organized work space. Have a boring desk? Add some removable wallpaper and decals to keep you inspired and on track! The fun handwriting wallpaper is from WallsNeedLove!

                      What was your inspiration for this dorm takeover? 

                      T&C: Pineapples are a trend that we can definitely get behind. The pineapple purist print was were it all started and we decided to add pops of pink and yellow that really made the room come together.

                      What was your favorite part of working with WallsNeedLove? 

                      T&C: How enthusiastic they are about their products. Every time we emailed the team they would reply with lots and lots of explanation points and it was a great feeling. 

                      A Little Craft in Your Day sat down to chat about their Dorm Room Takeover Challenge with WallsNeedLove!

                      What are your plans for the future? What's next for you both?  

                      T&C: We plan to grow our business and really make A Little Craft In Your Day the go to site for all creative teens. We aspire to teach people our age to be able to express their individual personalities.


                      Want to recreate this dorm look? Check out our back to school sale here!


                      August 02, 2016 by Elizabeth Moore

                      Trending Now: Cactus Love

                      Assorted Cacti


                      It's kind of crazy how things virtually become trends overnight. When I was growing up, I remember cacti decor being a rather campy thing reserved for Tex-mex restaurants and Looney Tunes' Roadrunner episodes. Now it can be spotted on the runway, in homes, at weddings -- these prickly pals are everywhere! And you know what? I LOVE IT! 

                      Trending Now: Cacti. See what makes this one of the hottest trends of the summer.


                      Check out cacti inspired art! 

                      July 29, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

                      6 Office Essentials You Need In Your Creative Space

                      Keeping your desk and study space tidy is no easy feat, especially if late night study sessions or pulling overtime at the office are normal occurances for you. But, if you’re spending copious amounts of time at your desk or office space, shouldn’t that space be an inspiring one?

                      We’ve pulled together our top office essentials from the WallsNeedLove shop to keep you on styling and on track for success!


                      Create a productive and inspiring work space with art by @wallsneedlove.

                      Chalkboard Calendar/DJ Mouse Pad/Technology Vector Wallpaper/A Deep Blue Something Laptop Skin/Get This Straight Tote Bag/Secret Society Pouch

                      Chalkboard Calendar/Writables

                      In my opinion, this one is a no brainer. I have a planner that I take with me everywhere, but it’s nice to have a bigger version in my office. It allows me to see the month at a glance and all of my deadlines are all in one place, which is helpful for my forgetful brain. Not to mention, it’s completely mess free. Seriously, chalkboard paint is super time consuming--even for a small project like this.

                      Mouse Pad Decal

                      This is not a regular mouse pad. It’s a cool mouse pad. And a decal so it stays in place and pairs well with just about any style.  

                      Desk Skin

                      This is probably my favorite on the list because it’s the most fun! Forewarning, though, there is a DIY element. Simply take a panel or two of our removable wallpaper and apply however you wish. If you really want to get fancy, you can laminate the pieces and turn your desk into a giant dry erase board. 

                      If desk skins aren't you're thing, get inspired with more unique ways to use our removable wallpaper

                      Laptop Skin

                      Think of it as a less bulky version of a laptop case. While we don’t recommend dropping it from any kind of height or pouring water on it to see how waterproof it is (because it’s not), our laptop skins do protect from minor scratches and smudges. And they look great doing it, too!

                      Tote Bag

                      Having a bag to lug to and from the office or library study session is essential. It’s great for carrying your books and laptop. Throw in a few snacks and you’ve got one stylish bag!


                      Pencil pouch, make up pouch, catchall for all your small tech gear. Need I say more? 

                      Adulting 101: Wall Decor Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment

                      The moment of truth has come. You've moved out of the nest!

                      At 25 years old, I'm still trying to navigate the adult world with poise and grace. I no longer rely on ramen noodles for survival. My ability to not burn chicken has become increasingly high -- an accomplishment my tastebuds revel in. Us millennials, we're moving up in the world, y'all! So shouldn't our art?

                      Lesson in adulting #1: Upgrade Your Wall Art.

                      My teenage years brought about a bizarre fascination with collages made from inspirational words and fashion magazine cutouts. While Leonardio DiCaprio may still be very much relevant today, this is no excuse for having his face collage plastered on your walls. Seriously, that stuff's gotsta go. 

                      Instead, opt for inexpensive art pieces that can grow with your style. This could come in a variety of options: 

                      Art Prints 

                      Art prints are a great, affordable choice because they look great whether you decide to frame them or not. Our art prints are printed on archival, gallery quality paper and start at only $12! So for under $50, you can start a gallery wall of your own.

                      Adulating 101: Wall Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment

                      Adhesive Art Prints and Circular Cutouts

                      Sometimes framed pieces of art aren't ideal for renters or dorm dwellers because, well, nails. But these REMOVABLE adhesive art poster decals are perfect! Plus, you cut costs even more since framing isn't necessary. Win-win! Another fun option are Circular Cutouts. They put a fun spin on your wall art.

                       Wall Decor Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment | Adhesive Circular Cutouts by @wallsneedlove are a fun, REMOVABLE and inexpensive way to upgrade the art on your walls.

                      Wall Tapestries

                      Tapestries are extremely versatile. Wall Tapestries particularly great because they can cover a large space for not a lot of moolah -- which when you're a fresh faced graduate with little disposable income is the best thing ever. 

                      Bring some fun and affordable art to your walls with wall tapestries by @wallsneedlove.

                      The great thing about these wall art options, is that they can be mixed and matched together to create a really unique and cohesive look. 

                      For more home essentials, shop our back-to-school page! For dorm and apartment inspiration, follow our Dorm Style Pinterest board

                      July 22, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

                      Wall Trends: Floral and Stripes

                      Floral and stripes. Ahhh, is there anything better? Maybe we're a liiiittle biased, we've been crushing on bold stripes and graphic florals for a while now. But with floral interiors being a must in 2016 and bold stripes a home decor staple that will never go out of style, it makes sense that these two elements are a design dream team. 

                      Easy Stripe by WallsNeedLove and paper floral bouquet by BloomBox

                      Bold black Easy Stripe wall decals by @wallsneedlove and paper flowers by Bloom Box

                      See? Stripes and florals just make sense together. Instagram user @everything_emp paired our 8" Easy Stripe wall decals in black and our gold confetti dots with these adorable paper flowers.

                      You know WE love it, but what do you all think? Is this something you'd recreate in your home?