4 Ways Floral Wallpaper Brings Life into Your Home

❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

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❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

❤️ Season Changes Call For A New Look❤️

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4 Ways Floral Wallpaper Brings Life into Your Home

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


How many of us have walked into a floral bathroom in our grandparent's house, or seen a restaurant with a gorgeous flower wall? We probably have never even thought twice about it.

Floral decor has been around for as long as we can remember and it certainly hasn’t gone out of style. In fact, florals have taken over, in more ways than one.

We’ve got 4 reasons why Floral Wallpaper or Flower Wallpaper, can make a huge statement piece in your home and bring life into your home in a few hours or less.

Florals in History

Throughout history, flowers have played a role in many folk festivals, public celebrations, religious ceremonies and, of course, courtships. Who doesn’t love a beautiful vase of flowers in their home or a wreath on their door?

In fact, there is even evidence through paintings, that the ancient Egyptians used to place flowers in vases. Garlands and wreaths, even floral headdresses are painted in ancient tombs.

The ancient Greeks’ love of flowers was expressed mainly in the making and wearing of wreaths and garlands. Garlands and wreaths were even popular amongst the Romans. A mosaic dating from the early 2nd century CE displays a basket of flowers.

The ancient Chinese have been cited using flowers since at least the Tang dynasty (618-907 CE). Hua Hsien, the flower goddesses of the Taoists, has traditionally been represented carrying flower-filled baskets. In fact, in Taoist symbolism, each of the four seasons has a unique flower and each month also has its own flower.

Not only has there been a long history of using real fresh flowers, throughout history, in almost every conceivable medium, man has created artificial plant materials. You’ll see flowers made out of semi-precious stones, made from gold, gems, etc. The Victorians even developed a home craft of making flowers out of wax, cloth, yarn, feathers, and even shells and seeds. And today, especially in the United States, you’ll find fake plants and floral arrangements in many homes. (1)

“I must have flowers, always, and always.”  

― Claude Monet


But What Color Do I Choose?

Colors can play a major role in your mental state. Have you read our blog about the effects that color has on the brain? If you haven’t, you can read it here.

So, how do flowers get their colors? Flower colors of red, pink, blue and purple come mainly from the pigments called anthocyanins (5), which are in the class of chemicals called flavonoids (what gives plants their color). Other pigments are carotenoids, found in tomatoes and carrots, that provide yellow, red and orange in the plastids. Chlorophyll is the most well-known pigment, providing all that green you see in leaves and foliage. All these scientific terms really mean that, similar to people, plants carry certain pigments in their genes that decide before they are “born” what color they will be. (2)

Dark Colors: This may seem obvious, but dark color values tend to look much heavier than light. A deep red rose, for instance, is going to appear much heavier in the same space as a pale pink carnation, even though they are roughly the same size.

Dark colors tend to be more stable and settling. If you’re looking for dark floral wallpaper, we highly recommend our Irene Removable Wallpaper or our Floral Vignette Removable Wallpaper. We have an entire Flower Wallpaper Collection, check out our Floral Wallpaper and Floral Wall Murals here.




Bright Colors: When we think of bright yellow Daisies or bright orange Marigold’s, a smile certainly starts to form across our face. When we think of bright, we think of our Bract Removable Wallpaper or our Spring Fields Removable Wallpaper. Here are some of our favorite floral prints that are sure to bring happiness to any room that you choose to put them in!

Light Colors: Pastels, in particular, are less saturated than primary colors, making them feel light, soft, and calming. For spring, they work well with neutral colors to create a feeling of earthiness and sophistication. The key is to find the right combination of pastels to accomplish the exact mood you are seeking for any given room.

Pastels, like our Pastel Flowers Removable Wallpaper, tend to take the edge off of the particular color family from which they originate. This means that they produce a more intellectual environment or atmosphere in contrast to a more emotionally charged environment. (3)

Contrasts of light and dark, rough and smooth, large and small, also give variety. It’s really all about preference, and the good news is, our Peel & Stick Removable Wallpaper does not damage walls and is reusable! So if you change your mind, you can move your wallpaper into another room! How cool is that?!

Scale & Style:

Okay, now let’s talk scale and style! Scale and proportion in art are both concerned with size. Scale refers to the size of an object (a whole) in relation to another object (another whole).

When it comes to style, the pattern on the wallpaper generally has a dominant area or center of visual interest to which the eye returns after examining all aspects of the pattern. What catches your eye? Is it the Rose Wallpaper, or the Vintage Floral Wallpaper and Mural? Maybe it’s the Muted Grey Floral Wallpaper?

When you compare our Clara Removable Wallpaper to our Clara Wall Mural you’ll see that the scale is different. Where the Clara Removable Wallpaper has a smaller continuous pattern, the Clara Wall Mural is larger and one full image that does not repeat.

Does the paper you chose create a sense of harmony and belonging? Do you like the color, shape, texture, and size that the pattern has? If so, you’ve found the perfect one for you!

What Room Does Floral Work Best In?

Florals can be used in so many different ways and can create many different effects. As we mentioned earlier, color has an effect on your mental state, so pick the color that speaks most to you!

Putting florals in a nursery can have a very calming effect depending on the style you choose. We love how our Sketch Floral Wallpaper looks in this nursery:

If you’re looking for a pop of color, you might go for a large floral wallpaper like our Vintage Bouquet Wall Mural:

Kelsey Bang (4) used our Bract Removable Wallpaper in her pantry and we are in love! As we learned from our Color on the Brain blog, warm red and oranges are actually known to increase appetite. What a perfect place for this bright and colorful wallpaper!

Who doesn’t love a picturesque bathroom? No matter, bright, bold or light, you can’t go wrong. Check out these adorable bathrooms featuring our A Bit Hawaiian Removable Wallpaper, Sketch Floral Removable Wallpaper, and our Buried Treasure Removable Wallpaper.

Of course, a more obvious place for an amazing floral statement wall is the bedroom! It’s a playful way to brighten up a room and add some life! Check out these fun rooms below using our A Bit of Hawaiian Removable Wallpaper and our Dicot Removable Wallpaper:

Most of us spend quite a bit of time in the office, so it’s important that you make it a space that you WANT to be in! Here are several ways pink floral removable wallpaper and black and white floral removable wallpaper were used to make working more exciting:

Overall, you can get as creative as you want! We love how the addition of our Pollen Removable Wallpaper in the shelving unit below as it adds a fun pop of color. And what better way to make laundry feel less like a chore than by making it more pleasing to the eye?! We can’t guarantee that laundry will be more enjoyable, but our Brassia Removable Peel & Stick Wallpaper is worth a shot!    


Regardless of what you choose, flowers are seriously in bloom (figuratively and literally), and there is no way you can go wrong. Make this never-ending trend take root in your home today!

Want to save for later? Pin it below!! 


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