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6 Office Essentials You Need In Your Creative Space

Keeping your desk and study space tidy is no easy feat, especially if late night study sessions or pulling overtime at the office are normal occurances for you. But, if you’re spending copious amounts of time at your desk or office space, shouldn’t that space be an inspiring one?

We’ve pulled together our top office essentials from the WallsNeedLove shop to keep you on styling and on track for success!


Create a productive and inspiring work space with art by @wallsneedlove.

Chalkboard Calendar/DJ Mouse Pad/Technology Vector Wallpaper/A Deep Blue Something Laptop Skin/Get This Straight Tote Bag/Secret Society Pouch

Chalkboard Calendar/Writables

In my opinion, this one is a no brainer. I have a planner that I take with me everywhere, but it’s nice to have a bigger version in my office. It allows me to see the month at a glance and all of my deadlines are all in one place, which is helpful for my forgetful brain. Not to mention, it’s completely mess free. Seriously, chalkboard paint is super time consuming--even for a small project like this.

Mouse Pad Decal

This is not a regular mouse pad. It’s a cool mouse pad. And a decal so it stays in place and pairs well with just about any style.  

Desk Skin

This is probably my favorite on the list because it’s the most fun! Forewarning, though, there is a DIY element. Simply take a panel or two of our removable wallpaper and apply however you wish. If you really want to get fancy, you can laminate the pieces and turn your desk into a giant dry erase board. 

If desk skins aren't you're thing, get inspired with more unique ways to use our removable wallpaper

Laptop Skin

Think of it as a less bulky version of a laptop case. While we don’t recommend dropping it from any kind of height or pouring water on it to see how waterproof it is (because it’s not), our laptop skins do protect from minor scratches and smudges. And they look great doing it, too!

Tote Bag

Having a bag to lug to and from the office or library study session is essential. It’s great for carrying your books and laptop. Throw in a few snacks and you’ve got one stylish bag!


Pencil pouch, make up pouch, catchall for all your small tech gear. Need I say more? 

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