Dog Silhouettes for Myquillyn of "The Nesting Place"


It's no secret that we love The Nesting Place. We've worked with Myquillyn many times and we love her more every. single. time. She is patient and kind and when she says "Jump!" we say "Yes ma'am, and in what color?" So when she asked us if we had a dog silhouette decal pack we said, "We can!" And now we have. This one is dedicated to The Nesting Place, all her lovely followers and everyone else who just really loves dog inspired wallpaper. Stagger them, make them into a pattern, put them in one long line. The choice is yours, whether you get one sheet or twenty sheets. We just hope your day is brightened by this delightful dog pack.

Choose from any of our 25 vinyl colors. This decal is perfect for permanent or temporary decorating. Let your creativity run, fetch and heel.

Pack comes with one sheet (21"x24") of 12 different dog shapes.

Dog sizes range from 4" wide to 9" wide

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