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35 Creative Home Office Decor Ideas to Beat the Pandemic Blues


Feeling isolated and disconnected from your usual work routines can take a major toll on your motivation. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis in the United States, at least one third of American workers have made the shift to working from home.

Since then, one study found that 70% of employers reported serious struggles with the transition.

If you are finding yourself responding to work emails from the couch and jumping on Zoom meetings at the dining room table, it is time to create a dedicated home office space and bring passion back into your profession.

Luckily, with a little imagination, you can have a functional and inviting home office put together in a flash!

Our list of 35 ideas for elevating your workspace will help you maximize productivity and create a better work/life balance for you and your family. The best part is that a home office setup can be designed to match your personal style, so you will actually want to show up bright and early to work every morning!

For employers worried about keeping their teams motivated and engaged, encouraging a home office setup is key.

You can help your team stay connected to your company’s brand by sending team members something fun like complementary peel-and-stick wallpaper that reflects your company’s personality. Walls Need Love can help you choose from a large selection of patterns, or work with you on a custom design. Bulk pricing is available and ordering could not be easier.

In this article we will cover

How to handle working from home during a pandemic

Working from a home office during the Covid-19 pandemic
Working from a home office during the 
Covid-19 pandemic. Credit: Tina Witherspoon

If you’re like me, your vision of working remotely used to include an authentic Italian cappuccino and a view of the bustling market from the patio of an adorable cafe.

Not surprisingly, today’s work from home reality is a little less romantic. 

The good news for both employers and their remote staff is that many people now claim they are more productive and feel happier when working from home. One of the keystones to successful at-home work experience is having an office space that is comfortable and organized.

A dedicated workstation keeps your work and your hobbies separate. It also helps keep everything you need for your workday within reach, so you save time and reduce distractions.

Luckily, the styling ideas below make designing your workspace quick and pain-free.

Working At Home Office with Dog

Credit: DEVN

Once you have your professional space ready to go, it will be easier to incorporate other strategies for increasing your productivity and staying connected to your team. Consider establishing a new morning routine, dressing for success, using a task timer, and attending virtual meet-ups with coworkers as a social outlet.

It is totally possible to thrive in your work from home situation, all you need is a little inspiration! 

Well Lighted Home Office Setup Credit: Bench Accounting 

Making the most out of a small working corner

One common excuse for not having a professional workstation is a lack of space. Even a small dedicated space will help you stay productive and create healthy boundaries between your work and personal life.  

1. Use shelves to create extra storage space

Ever wonder what to do with that tiny “den” in your cozy apartment? Tuck in a few shelves to create a desk with bonus storage space. Add a pop of pattern and cute chair for the perfect mini executive suite.

compact home office with floral wallpaper
A perfectly compact home office with floral wallpaper. 

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Clara

2. Invest in ergonomic office furniture

Select a desk/chair combo that provides maximum comfort and ergonomics. Keeping your feet on the floor and your elbows in line with your wrists will mean less strain on your joints and healthier posture.

Patterned wallpaper for small home office
Patterned wallpaper defines a small home office. 

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “The Palms in White

3. Create a physical boundary around your workspace

Improve work/life balance in a small space by creating a physical boundary for your small working corner using an area rug and floor lamp. Commit to keeping work within the “office” and save the couch for relaxing.

A simple small home office corner Simple small home office corner. Credit: Kari Shea

4. Take advantage of natural light

In a truly tight space, try moving furniture so your workspace can be next to the window. This will create an open feeling and offers the perfect position for a 20-20-20 break.

Budget home office in a snug studio
Create a budget home office in a snug studio by

rearranging the furniture. Credit: Patric Perkins 

5. Consider the view from your desk

If you have an extra bright corner in your home, take advantage of that great natural light (hello webcam lighting!) and tuck in a small desk.

Rustic bench desk home office solution
A rustic bench desk blends with a wooded view in this creative

home office solution. Credit: Roberto Nickson 

6. Use vertical space to improve organization

If floor space is at a premium, go vertical with your storage to make sure you have everything you need for your workday. This is a great workspace idea for a bedroom office - perfect for college students completing coursework online.

Dorm-style office setup for highschooler A dorm-style office setup can be a perfect solution 
for your highschooler. Credit: Norbert Levajsics 

7. Keep the rest of the room out of sight

Situating your workspace facing away from the rest of your living room will help prevent distractions and keep you on track throughout the day. If the idea of having a blank wall behind your laptop makes you sleepy, add a fun patterned wallpaper to spruce up your view.

Patterned wallpaper for small workspaceCredit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “The Legend of the Jackalope

Whether your work includes a laptop or a sewing machine, the same style rules apply in this small workspace. 

Turn your spare room into a functional office

Most of us are not anticipating many guests right now and that spare room in your house or apartment might be a great space to create your work from home office. 

8. Incorporate your home office into your workout space

If your spare room is currently your home gym, think about ways to make the space usable for both. Maintaining healthy exercise habits, especially during stressful and uncertain times, is an essential part of work/life balance.

L-shaped desk on home office corner Adding an L-shaped desk gives you more room to work.
Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Pastel Flowers

9. Avoid too much heavy furniture

Keep a rustic home office looking clean and professional by limiting yourself to two or three dark or heavy pieces of furniture and lighting up the rest of the space with a white patterned wall.  A brick texture goes with any style. Get this look with Walls Need Love wallpaper in “White Washed Brick

Rustic home office accents Rustic home office accents can create a warm vibe without
making your workspace feel cramped. Credit: Vadim Sherbakov

10. Turn your storage space into a workstation

Put your storage on display in your spare room home office. With a little reorganization, that corner full of unpacked books and forgotten hobbies can transform into an inviting workspace.

A surfboard accent piece for home office space A surfboard can go from clutter to accent piece for a fun
and funky home office space. Credit: Robert Bye 

11. Swap the guest bed for a work-surface

When thinking about how to turn a guest bedroom into an efficient and inspiring home office, choosing the right furniture is essential. Leave any items that can function in either an office or a bedroom and that doesn’t interfere with your workflow. Then, all you have to do is swap the bed for a desk and you have an instant office already styled just the way you like it.

Vintage armchair and a wooden trunk in home office and guest bedroom Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Clara Black and White

A vintage armchair and a wooden trunk can work in both a home office and a guest bedroom. 

12. Incorporate a workstation into the guest room

If moving the bed out of the guest room is not practical, you can use the same tips for creating a small workstation mentioned above. When it is safe to head back to the office and host guests again, you will have a small desk space for them to use during their visit, win-win!

An elegant minimalist workspace design for a guest bedroom

Elegant minimalist workspace design for a guest bedroom.
Credit: Hutomo Abrianto

How to organize and declutter your workspace

If your work from home space will be visible when you’re “off the clock”, make sure it is nice to look at! Keeping your home office organized is essential (especially in a small space). To create a professional and inviting work vibe, consider refreshing your existing storage with some easy DIY projects that are impossible to mess up. Need inspiration for office essentials? Walls Need Love has you covered!

Decorating with matching office accessories

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Goldidots

Decorating with matching office accessories creates a look that is put-together and intentional.

13. Dress up your old cabinets

Painting is not the only way to rehab old or unattractive home office essentials. Use peel and stick wallpaper stripes to add the perfect complement to your workspace style. Walls Need Love offers hundreds of options that are great for even the smallest projects.

Patterns to make storage room look custom-made for home office Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Banana Leaf

A pop of pattern is a great way to make your existing storage look custom-made for your home office.

14. Get creative with pattern accents

Just like that old filing cabinet, you can spruce up your home office by adding accents in unusual spaces like bookshelves or on the front of desk drawers.

Self-adhesive wallpaper strips to achieve desired office styleCredit: Walls Need Love in “Clara Black and White

Using self-adhesive wallpaper strips is a simple way to achieve your desired office style.

Use clever color and pattern combinations

15. Make your office stand out in your home

Your workspace should be visibly different from the rest of your home while still complimenting your existing space and reflecting your personal style. Using a monochromatic color palette or a combination of color and pattern can define your workspace and set it apart from the rest of your home.

Geometric shapes and bold colors for a modern workstationCredit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Ab Outlines Black

Geometric shapes and bold color combinations like black, white, and bright red create a modern workstation.

16. Play with contrasting patterns

Neurals do not have to be boring! With the right combination of geometric patterns and natural textures, your workspace can bring a variety of styles together seamlessly. Create a rustic, industrial home office with a combination of wood, stone, and angular patterns.

Geometric black and white wallpaper with natural wood tone accentCredit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Geometric Textures

A geometric black and white wallpaper with natural wood tone accent wall is warm and cool!

17. Add a mirror behind your desk for depth

Contrasting patterns create a funky style moment. Adding a mirror to your workstation ties the rest of the room into your home office.

A clean white brick office space with black and white wallpaperCredit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Retro Palms Black

A clean white brick office space with black and white wallpaper.

18. Try a subtle accent pattern wallpaper

Sometimes a small change can create a big style moment. Choosing an understated pattern to accent your home office workstation will make built-in furniture truly shine.

Olive green home office desk with an art-deco-inspired wallpaper Olive green home office desk with an art-deco-inspired wallpaper
Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Pixel Diamonds

Sage home office desk with a subtle floral peel and stick backdrop
Sage home office desk with a subtle floral peel and stick backdrop.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Sketch Floral

19. Elevate your executive suite with wall panels

If you have a luxurious taste and want a home office to match, consider adding textural interest with panels of wallpaper turned into pieces of art. Patterned panels also work as a sophisticated background for your favorite statement pieces.

Black and white wallpaper panels against a white wall for a sophisticated home office vibeCredit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Retro Palms Black   

Black and white wallpaper panels against a white wall create a sophisticated home office vibe.

Decorating a professional and appealing home office

Once you have selected your space, decided on a style vibe, and arranged your furniture, it is time to give the space personality. Your profession is just as important as your personal style when choosing your home office decor. Your workstation should reflect who you are and how you get things done. Have some fun with the process and get inspired by the ideas in this section.

20. Bring in personal items that inspire you

Save room in your workspace for decor that inspires and motivates you. Above-monitor shelving means for better home office organization and more space for decorating with pieces that spark joy.

Home office decor shelves with antique camera collection
Home office decor shelves with antique

camera collection. Credit: Annie Spratt

21. Decorate your workspace with intention

Styled creatively, a small desk can have a big mood. Balance art, photos, inspirational quotes, and greenery to make your home office look curated, not cluttered.

A small home office desk against patterned wallpaper
A small home office desk against patterned wallpaper.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Black Leaves

22. Treat your desk to a little plant love

No matter how basic your home office is, incorporating plants into your workspace will add color and textural interest. Bonus: live houseplants help clean the air, making your home office a healthier environment.

 One plant on a mid-century desk against polka-dot wallpaper
One plant on a mid-century desk against polka-dot wallpaper.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Scribble Dots

23. Utilize multi-purpose items as decoration and organization

Add personal touches that play double duty, like turning your favorite mug into a catch-all for office supplies.

Chic pastel flowers wallpaper Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Pastel Flowers

24. Change up your decor to keep your space fresh

Pull out a few books or pieces of art that inspire you and layer them to create a mini-gallery. A picture shelf is great if you like to change up your color palette now and then. Play around with the different colors for the perfect mood in your workspace.

Small kitchen workstation with patterned wallpaper and mauve accents
Small kitchen workstation with patterned wallpaper and mauve accents.

Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Legend of the Jackalope

25. Decorate for virtual meetings and video calls

Keep your rearview clean. Consider what you want others in your virtual meeting to see and what your style says about you. A pastel patterned wallpaper can add a pleasant and inviting backdrop (so we can stop with those distracting digital backgrounds!).

Pastel patterned wallpaper adds pleasant and inviting backdrop Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Pastel Flowers

26. Make your background inviting for kids

On the other hand, if you are an educator or someone who is regularly on Zoom with kids, you may have a different definition of “professional”. Including fun patterns or hanging up art made by students can help keep kids connected and remind them of their typical classroom experience.

fun wallpaper patterns for kids Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Jungle Cat

27. Cater your decor to your clients

Are you a creative or freelancer who regularly communicates with clients or colleagues? You may wish to let your talent shine through by displaying your art, or other pieces that inspire, in the background (like this fabulous feather chandelier!).

Display art pieces in home office background Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Clara

28. Add an erasable surface for brainstorming at home

If you and your clients are doing some serious remote collaboration, consider using a calming wall mural to accent your workspace while keeping the focus on your writable wall

Calming wall mural to accent your workspace Credit: Walls Need Love wall mural in “Blue Lagoon

29. Bring in a room divider to reduce distraction

A richly styled sitting room can still become a dedicated workspace with the addition of an ornate room divider that can easily be placed to look like an essential piece of furniture.

Ornate room divider placed to look like a piece of furniture

Credit: Harmonjot Kaur

Coexisting with your new “office-mates”

Whether it’s roommates, partners, or children, you may be faced with the additional challenge of creating a workspace that fits your needs and the needs of your home office-mates. For myself, a “his and hers” office in the spare room was the natural choice. With both of us having free reign of what goes up on walls in our respective half of the room. The downside to our seemingly perfect plan: My colleagues are watching the back of my husband’s head on video calls. Here are a few solutions to avoid struggles in a shared office:

30. Back-to-back desks keep shared space personal

A mirror image home office can be separated by shared storage and a distinctive patterned wall to create a clean and calming workspace for two. If a back-to-back setup creates a distracting video call background, try a room divider that can be set up and stowed away quickly.

mirror image home office
Get the look with Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Eccentric

Credit: @loomdecorthehavenly

31. Create a co-working space for roommates using a bench desk

Going side-by-side is a great option for any home with two or more people working in the same space. Co-working in a shared space can help recreate the office social scene, especially when you tie it together with bright floral wallpaper and a central, multi-use table.

Co-working space for roommates using a bench desk Credit: Walls Need Love wallpaper in “Dicot

32. Separate workstations with a learning space

Creating a comfortable and efficient workspace that promotes productivity is not just essential for professionals. As more kids continue virtual instruction into the fall, it is important that they also have a place conducive to learning.

Family room design study room Credit:

33. Create a space just for the kids

Many parents of younger kids are trying to balance work with having their children home all day. All. Day. Keeping the littles close by while you work can make for a hectic home office experience. Consider adding a “kid’s corner” to your workspace that is designed just for them. Adding storage for toys and a craft table will help make clean-up easier and gives kids a way to distinguish work-time and family bonding-time.

A small kids corner

Credit: Johny Goerend

34. Define a learning station with patterned wallpaper

Consider creating a color/pattern boundary to define spaces made for kids using wallpapers that are distinctive but complementary. Keeping the design simple and kid-friendly will provide a welcoming environment that is fun for them and aesthetically pleasing for you.

Learning station with patterned wallpaper Credit: Walls Need Love in “Outside the Lines

35. Choose a uniform pattern for a shared family workspace

If you love the kid’s corner wallpaper as much as they do, consider creating a family brand by matching your spaces!

Uniform pattern for a shared family workspace Credit: Walls Need Love in “Outside the Lines

A few trendy styles that can work for you

Clean & Contemporary

The Palms In White

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Victorian Peacocks on Red

Muted Floral

Unflappable Art Deco Arches Wallpaper



Aged White Brick

Cape Falcon Wall Mural Cape Falcon

Wood Texture Floral


Outside the Lines

Pixel Diamonds

Sea Breeze Ocean & Abstract Sky Wall Mural

Sea Breeze

Boho Chic

Sketch Floral

Purple Amethyst Crystal Geode Wall Mural

Positive Vibes

Lovely Lemons

Palms Over Diamonds

Arty & Sophisticated

Golden Geo


Black Tie Casual Gray Light Dark Calacatta Marble Wall Mural

Black Tie Casual

Soft Blue Gradient Cubes


Don’t let the pandemic blues get in the way of your productivity! Working from a dedicated home office will improve your concentration by reducing distractions and setting healthy boundaries between work and personal time.

Explore what will work best in your space and remember to make it your own with decor that inspires your creativity.

We are in this together!

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