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Adulting 101: Wall Decor Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment

The moment of truth has come. You've moved out of the nest!

At 25 years old, I'm still trying to navigate the adult world with poise and grace. I no longer rely on ramen noodles for survival. My ability to not burn chicken has become increasingly high -- an accomplishment my tastebuds revel in. Us millennials, we're moving up in the world, y'all! So shouldn't our art?

Lesson in adulting #1: Upgrade Your Wall Art.

My teenage years brought about a bizarre fascination with collages made from inspirational words and fashion magazine cutouts. While Leonardio DiCaprio may still be very much relevant today, this is no excuse for having his face collage plastered on your walls. Seriously, that stuff's gotsta go. 

Instead, opt for inexpensive art pieces that can grow with your style. This could come in a variety of options: 

Art Prints 

Art prints are a great, affordable choice because they look great whether you decide to frame them or not. Our art prints are printed on archival, gallery quality paper and start at only $12! So for under $50, you can start a gallery wall of your own.

Adulating 101: Wall Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment

Adhesive Art Prints and Circular Cutouts

Sometimes framed pieces of art aren't ideal for renters or dorm dwellers because, well, nails. But these REMOVABLE adhesive art poster decals are perfect! Plus, you cut costs even more since framing isn't necessary. Win-win! Another fun option are Circular Cutouts. They put a fun spin on your wall art.

 Wall Decor Essentials for Your First Adult Apartment | Adhesive Circular Cutouts by @wallsneedlove are a fun, REMOVABLE and inexpensive way to upgrade the art on your walls.

Wall Tapestries

Tapestries are extremely versatile. Wall Tapestries particularly great because they can cover a large space for not a lot of moolah -- which when you're a fresh faced graduate with little disposable income is the best thing ever. 

Bring some fun and affordable art to your walls with wall tapestries by @wallsneedlove.

The great thing about these wall art options, is that they can be mixed and matched together to create a really unique and cohesive look. 

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July 22, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

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