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Curated Removable Wall Art and Artisan Wall Decals from WallsNeedLove

Artisan (noun): a person who is skilled at making things by hand, a person who makes objects, often in limited quantities and by hand.

Source: Merriam-Webster Online. 

         Did you know that WallsNeedLove is an artisan wall decal shop? Sure, we’re an online store and you can buy our vinyl wall art on plenty of great outlets like Etsy,, and Fancy, but our heart and soul is based around being a design company that brings you quality products. Each piece of adhesive wall art is made to order and artfully crafted by the members of our small but mighty production team right here in here in Nashville, Tennessee. Either Nina, Mitch or Emma peels away the excess vinyl before rolling the sheet, packing it in plastic, and fitting it in a tube for shipping. On the other side of our narrow warehouse, Patrick runs the FabTac station, making sure all of the color prints are perfectly printed and cut.

         If you take a look at our featured artist pages, we’ve curated removable wall art especially for our site. Modern artists like Kris Tate, Ali Gulec, Robert Farkas, Alpha-Tone, and Eugenia Loli are all featured at our site. These artists are on the cutting edge of design, and we are proud to bring some of their most interesting pieces right to your walls!

         Our wall decals fit any painted, clean, flat surface. We’ve seen our designs on walls, doors, cabinets, mirrors, and windows! They are great for a kid’s room, your laundry room, over your mantle, a dorm room, or in the bedroom. As an instant interior upgrade, removable wall art from WallsNeedLove works for homeowners and renters alike.



Pictures from top left to right: an office wall; Chad, Jenni, Mitch, and Ali in front of the old office; Patrick and Liz; Nina and Chewy.
Art left to right: ΩMEGA-3 by Eugenia Loli, Revolution by Ali Gulec, Lord Bird by Robert Farkas
April 01, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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