About Us

100% Sourced & Manufactured in Nashville, TN USA, Walls Need Love has been in the adhesive art industry since 2008.  We pride ourselves on creating fresh adhesive decor.  In the simplest terms, we are aficionados in assisting the migration of art from brain to wall.  We are a very nimble team and bust ass to get things done fast, like really fast. Orders usually ship within 3 business days of placement and because of our centrally based location, 75% of the USA receives their order within 2-3 business days. We also ship substantial quantities to Canada, Australia, and Europe.

The Walls Need Love team may be small but we’re a capable family of individuals that strive to enjoy life at and away from work. We believe that big things come in small packages and we’re thankful to have you as a customer. We promise to do our best in serving you the best adhesive art possible.

At WallsNeedLove.com we believe your life is your canvas. We want you to smile and get creative with it. Do what you love, love what you do, and do it often.


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