Realistic Ravens Wall Decals


Perhaps the most famous poem of all time, Poe's "The Raven," evokes a creepy and ominous tone. Bring these adhesive Wall Decalss featuring "stately raven[s] of the saintly days of yore" to your home forevermore. The frames featured here are not included but can be purchased separately for added effect.

Size: 40x18" (102x45.72cm) *Dark Frames sold separately

The biggest raven is 18" and the smallest are about 6" and there are a couple that are around 12"

“SOOOOO easy to put on...Peel.. stick. done!”

Natalie of The Busy Budgeting Mama

“I also had been on the hunt for gold polka dot decals. I KNEW I had to have them in their room. It was a must. So when I found them on walls need love.....jackpot! They look like you painted the door and so carefully got the perfect circles. Nope. peel and stick. I love them!”

Natalie of The Busy Budgeting Mama

“It’s the perfect thing to transform a rental space without any damage, or to put in your home and change later.”

Merrick White from Merrick’s Art

“Walls Need Love solved all my issues for me and I was able to get some stunning butterflies for Jade’s room. They offer Prints, photo Vinyl Wall Art, designs perfect for a modern chic home and at the same time adorable nursery themed Wall Art. Plus they are eco-friendly, most of them are reusable, and they are super easy to install and very easy to remove. And no marks left behind!”

Amber of Jade Louise Designs

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