Polka Dot Wall Decals

Artist WallsNeedLove

$16.00 USD

Remember hole-punching a million little confetti circles out of notebook or construction paper as a kid and throwing them in the air? Now you can have your very own wall confetti with these delightful polka dots. Available in four sizes and 25 colors, it’s not hard to get the desired look you want. Go big and bold with our 6” dots or more whimsical with our popular 2” confetti-like dot.

2” “Confetti” Polka Dots: Sheet includes 72 dots.
3” Polka Dots: Sheet includes 32 dots.
4” Polka Dots: Sheet includes 18 dots.
6” Polka Dots: Sheet includes 8 dots. 

*Design Tip: Order multiple packs in different colors to create multi-colored designs


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