In collaboration with local non-profit SoundForest.org over 30,000 trees have been planted. 

“If a business can’t afford to give 1% back, then they really shouldn’t be in business at all.” says owner Ali Abrahimia. Back in 2009 Ali met SoundForest founder Thomas Solinsky and a “bromance” was instantly born. Ali was utterly in awe of Thomas’s determination and will to fulfill a simple yet difficult task: Plant Trees.

“If you want to help the planet then help PLANT IT” says Thomas. What started as an idea to replant his neighborhood has since grown into an overseas venture and is approaching 40,000 trees planted. From accelerated hospital patient recovery times to increased revenue for businesses, trees have more to offer than lumber and oxygen. As a company, Walls Need Love enjoys being a part of the movement SoundForest has started.




WallsNeedLove partners with local non-profit foundations to benefit the Nashville community and surrounding areas. Over the 2014 Memorial Day holiday, we donated 5% of sales to Tennessee Fisher House Foundation. Nationally, the Fisher House Foundation provides housing for the families of injured service men and women who are being treated in local hospital and veterans centers.

This fall, WallsNeedLove will partner with Tennessee Voices for Children, a Nashville non-profit foundation that provides support for children and families who struggle with mental health issues. WallsNeedLove provided over $500 in in-kind donations for the November 8, 2014 Songwriter's night, and will also donate various decals to the Tennessee Voices for Children offices.