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Give any room the perfect look. Made of rugged woven polyester and printed with child-safe inks, Walls Need Love® peel and stick removable wallpapers remove clean and can be repositioned and reused as often as you wish. They’re also waterproof and washable. You’ll love your walls.

5 Reasons to Choose Walls Need Love® Wallpapers

Rugged woven polyester. All peel and stick removable wallpapers are not the same. While Walls Need Love® Wallpapers are reasonably priced, they are extra durable and made to last. This is not the flimsy peel and stick stuff sold by the big box stores. You can wash and scrub our wallpapers with household cleaners. And they will withstand bathroom moisture and heat.

Child-safe inks. Unlike many wallpaper manufacturers, we use only HP Latex Inks. These advanced inks are Greenguard certified, a UL® independent testing certification that means your wallpaper ink has met strict standards for indoor air quality. This is super important for wallpapers and wall finishes in children’s bedrooms, daycare centers and schools.

Fade resistant. Sunlight from windows can fade cheap dye ink wallpapers in just a year or two. Our HP Latex Inks use pigments, not dyes. So you can expect them to remain fade resistant and retain a like new appearance for up to 60 years when applied to a wall exposed to sunlight from windows.

No messy paste. Our self-adhesive backing is faster, easier and cleaner than dealing with paste. So don’t let words like “removable” and “temporary” fool you into thinking these wallpapers are somehow lower quality than paste wallpapers. Peel and stick wallpaper application is just a more modern, better way to apply wallpaper.

Tested and improved. We’ve developed and tested our adhesive backing for over a decade, to ensure that your wallpaper won’t separate at the wall edges or corners after just a year or two. But it’s also reusable and removes clean, without damaging paint. You can actually take it with you if you move.

Walls Need Love® premium designer wallpapers bring your indoor spaces to life. The perfect wallpaper can lift your mood, relax you, inspire you, or take you to a faraway place. Use them for accent walls, backsplashes, bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, cabinets, doors, desk skins and more. Even ceilings! The only requirement is a smooth surface. You’ll love your walls.

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