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Dorm Takeover with A Little Craft In Your Day

Get Easy and Affordable Dorm Ideas with our Dorm Takeover with A Little Craft In Your Day

Earlier this year our Marketing Department traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for a conference. It was a hectic week and we met so many amazing people, but there were two that really stood out. Their names are Tanner and Courtney, two bloggers full of spirit and enthusiasm...and only 18 years old. Courtney is going off to college this year and they immediately pinned us for a dorm room collaboration. We loved the idea and so began our relationship. We thoroughly enjoyed working with these two and couldn’t be more impressed with the dorm they created.

We sat down with them and asked them a little bit about themselves and their process!

Before the dorm takeover, this dorm room was sad. Wait until you see the end results!


After! Tanner and Courtney created such a fun and functional dorm room fit for any college student!

How did you both get interested in crafting and design?

Courtney: I have always been crafty. My kindergarten teacher even sent me to a therapist because all I did was color at recess. All the therapist said was "she just really likes to color!" 

Tanner: I've been crafting since I can remember. I've always been that kid to craft his moms gifts and not much has changed. :) 

What is it like to work so closely with such a good friend?

T&C: It is the best thing ever. We are always bouncing ideas off of each other and motivating each other to go above and beyond. 

Dorm Takeover: Create a relaxing and organized work space. Have a boring desk? Add some removable wallpaper and decals to keep you inspired and on track! The fun handwriting wallpaper is from WallsNeedLove!

What was your inspiration for this dorm takeover? 

T&C: Pineapples are a trend that we can definitely get behind. The pineapple purist print was were it all started and we decided to add pops of pink and yellow that really made the room come together.

What was your favorite part of working with WallsNeedLove? 

T&C: How enthusiastic they are about their products. Every time we emailed the team they would reply with lots and lots of explanation points and it was a great feeling. 

A Little Craft in Your Day sat down to chat about their Dorm Room Takeover Challenge with WallsNeedLove!

What are your plans for the future? What's next for you both?  

T&C: We plan to grow our business and really make A Little Craft In Your Day the go to site for all creative teens. We aspire to teach people our age to be able to express their individual personalities.


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August 02, 2016 by Elizabeth Moore

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