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3 Easy Ways to Mix Patterns Like a Pro.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with the eclectic mixes of patterns and prints that have taken over Pinterest and many design blogs. It adds a cool and carefree element to any space. I particularly like the idea of mixing wallpaper patterns within the same space. If done right, it can create an incredible statement. 

Now, some of you may be thinking I’m a bit off my rocker, but I think the common misconception with pattern mixing is that the prints used have to be bold and bright. Truth is, there are several different ways to mix and match patterns in your home. And if you are the brave, trend-setting type, there are a few pointers.


Match Colors, Not Prints

Nailing down your color palette will make the mixing and matching process so much easier. The chances of your patterns clashing is less likely when you have a particular color story you’re trying to stick with. From there, you can incorporate prints that fall within your color parameters and sprinkle in a few patterns that have pops of complimenting accent colors.

Mix and Match Wallpaper patterns

Play With The Scales 

Large-scale patterns intermixed with smaller scaled prints add texture and depth. Having a variety in scale helps to make your space feel inviting. Be aware of adding too much pattern to your space.  Bigger and bolder prints generally look better on larger scaled spaces - since they take up so much space. Smaller prints, which tend to have more “texture”, look great on smaller accents.

 Mix and match scales of patterns

Neutral Print + Bold Pattern

This is an easy “shortcut” for mixing patterns and prints. The neutral print in the background lends itself well to bright and bold patterns that tend to take center stage - which makes the entire mix and match process so much easier. 

Mix neutrals with bold prints

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