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All's Fair In Love and Paint

Let’s face it - flowers are boring. Boxes of chocolates? So cliché. And those oversized teddy bears? We have no words. Why not try something new? 

Make them really blush this Valentine’s Day with a Love and Paint kit. It’s abstract art made with love. Literally. Painting just got a whole lot sexier. And I mean SEXier. 

Love and Paint is a New York based company that specializes in do-it-yourself, or rather do-it-together, kits that makes getting down and dirty with your partner a fun and memorable experience. It’s safe, too! All paints are hand mixed with non-toxic, natural ingredients. The outcome is a satisfying work of art you can hang in your home. Don’t worry. It can be your dirty little secret. 

Experience Love and Paint and make art, not war.

To seal the deal, we’re offering $25 off all Love and Paint kits until February 14. Just use code: LOVE25 at checkout.

So pop the bubbly, put on some smooth jams, your birthday suit and make art, not war. Check out the full kit now!

January 29, 2016 by Ali Abrahimia

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