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7 Unexpected Things to Stripe Using Easy Stripe Wall Decals by WallsNeedLove

Our Easy Stripe product has been saving walls—and relationships—for years. Gone are the days of priming, endless measuring, taping, painting, inevitable paint spills and the consequential day dream of you strangling your significant other. Seriously, Easy Stripe wall decals are a game changer. So why wouldn't you use them, right? But did you know you can stripe more than just your walls? Here are 7 incredibly cool and unexpected things to stripe with our Easy Stripe wall decals

1. While not a completely unexpected thing to stripe, the grid wall is definitely an unexpected application; therefore, making our list. 

7 Unexpected Things to Stripe | Create a fun accent wall with Easy Stripe vinyl striping. No painting required!

via Making Home Base

2. A completely underutilized canvas, putting stripes on the ceiling is a fun and unexpected way to bring some personality to your space. Plus, with Easy Stripe it makes installation a breeze. 

7 Unexpected Things to Stripe | Walls have had their time. @thouswell used Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove to create this amazing DIY Lattice Ceiling. 7 Unexpected Things to Stripe | @merricksart used Easy Stripe vinyl striping by @wallsneedlove

via Thou Swell                                                                             via Merrick's Art

3. Turn a chair from drab to fab with this awesome Easy Stripe DIY from Lovely Indeed

7 Unexpected Things to Stripe using @wallsneedlove's vinyl striping
 via Lovely Indeed

4. I've seen some pretty janky refrigerators, especially if your renting... They're usually yellowed with age and have some form of faux wood paneling on the handles. *shutters* But when I saw this pin on Pinterest, I thought this was a perfect DIY for some Easy Stripe. Plus, the Easy Stripe can double as a chalkboard. Perfect for writing down your grocery list.

7 Unexpected Things to Stripe Using Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove | DIY Gold Striped Fridge

via Style Me Pretty

5. Maybe the easiest DIY of the bunch, this striped side table could easily be recreated with Easy Stripe. Plus, it makes a cool display for your favorite books and some fresh flowers!

7 Unexpected Things to Stripe using Easy Stripe vinyl decals by @wallsneedlove

via The Crafted Life

6. Calling all trendsetters! This. Is. So. Cool. Doors can be a focal point too! 

7b Unexpected Things to Stripe with Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove | Use vinyl striping to add interest to a door! Super cool DIY

7. Still have some Easy Stripe leftover after all these cool DIY's? Dress your tech with the extras! 

7 Unexpected Things to Stripe using Easy Stripe by @wallsneedlove | Dress your tech with vinyl striping!

June 22, 2016 by Kelsey Lawrence

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