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Happy Mother's Day from a New Mom!

Mother's Day means something very special and very different to each of us. For some, you are celebrating your own mother or mother figure. For others, you are the one they call mom. And some have lost that special mom in our lives. Whether it's a day of celebration or remembrance, this Sunday is a day to shed light on the hard-working, self-sacrificing, loving women that make up such an important part of us.

I have spent every Mother's Day trying to make my own mother feel special and EXTRA loved. As a family, each year we have struggled to find the perfect gift for her. Maybe we've made her breakfast or treated her to a special outing. My mom is such an amazing person. She is my best friend and I love her so much. As I have grown up, I have grown to appreciate her beyond words. So even though I try to show her how much she means to us everyday, Mother's Day is a chance to really shower her with love.

When my husband and I got married, I truly got a second mom. I couldn't think of a better person to have as a mother-in-law. In January of 2014, she suddenly passed away and all at once, my husband lost the woman he calls mom, HIS best friend. And I lost my second mom. It was such a devastation to lose someone close to me, but even more so to see my husband go through it. So now Mother's Day is also a day to remember and cherish the life and love of a wonderful mother-in-law.

Then this year, I gave birth to my first child, a little girl. For the first time, I am beginning to understand the endless, unconditional, unquenchable love my mom has for me. Every day as my baby grows, my heart grows and breaks at the same time. She is this perfect little person, full of wonder. I can't believe I get to be her mom. So this year, for my very first Mother's Day, I just want to spend time with my husband and little girl. I don't need to be celebrated. For me, she is the gift. I just want her to shine. Clara Gail Ozella was born on January 26th, 2015. I can't remember life without her.

Though it's still a work in progress, I wanted her to have a room to sleep, play and learn in. She's three months old now, and I'm slowly piecing together this simple space that she can call hers (though I keep my office space there as well). So here's how it's coming along:

2" Confetti Dots in Gold (on wall by changing table)  |  1-Month Dry Erase Calendar (above desk)  |  Owls & Friends (in closet & above light switch)  |  Robert Farkas Sleeping Cat POSTER (on wall next to closet) |  Easy Stripe in Gold & Antique White (as a border on nameplate, calendar & edge of furniture) |  Fantastically Floral Wallpaper (as a surface skin on desk)

May 08, 2015 by Jenni Ozella

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