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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

She's the numero uno, and she's also the best at giving gifts. Last year she got you that cashmere pashmina you've had your eye on for months, and all you could muster for her was another gift card and a bottle of Chardonnay. This year, though, you've got it all wrapped up because you've found her the perfect decal or wall print. It goes with her decor, it's unique, and it didn't break the bank. Nice work, you!

Sophia Flower Illustration - $72  |  Life Goes On Wall Quote - $32  |  Jen Rome’s Bird Brained Babe Circle - $28  |   J. Paul Moore’s Mt. Shuckson Headboard - $75  |  2” Confetti Dots - $12  |   Super Real Birch Trees - $78


He's perfect in so many ways: he is low maintenance, looks good in everything (or nothing), works hard when he needs to but knows how to let loose. This guy deserves more than just another man-sweater this year--although he makes them look good. Get him a decal that speaks to his wild side, like the American Bison Mount Adhesive Taxidermy, or something a little more tame and kicked-back like the Dutch Antique World Map. Your man will appreciate your sense of style, and because they're decals, he won't get any strange ideas about "permanence" either.

Mustache Mini-Pack - $12  |  Shakesbeer Wall Quote - $10  |  American Bison Mount - $36  |   Woodsman Clock - $58  |  Dutch Antique World Map - $48  |   Robert Farkas's Emmet Doc - $20


You've never had dinner at her house because they're always in the middle of the kitchen/bathroom/front hall remodel. You don't care, though, because you can't wait to see what amazing change she'll make next! Stoke those creative fires with a gift of EasyStripe wall stripes or some Perfectly Imperfect Dots. She's sure to find an inspiring way to use them in her home. We won't tell if you steal her ideas!

Easy Stripe - $12  |  Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky's Wallpaper - $68  |  Palm Trees Circle - $28  |  Dry Erase Label Wall Decals - $18  |  Create Wall Quote - $18  |  Perfectly Imperfect Dots - $12


Maybe he's 7, or he could be 37, we don't judge. This kid loves all the fun things in life, from putting googly-eyes on all the items in the refrigerator to the latest YA novel craze. Indulge your forever-young friend with a Leah Flores Wild Things decal (reminiscent of the classic Sendak book), or maybe a Dog Silhouettes Mini-Pack. All of these youth-friendly products are great for any room in the house, and like the song says, for kids from one to ninety-two.

Leah Flores's Wild Things - $34  |  World of Color Map - $54  |  Marceline Smith's Breakfast - $21  |  Patterned Letters - $22 each  |  Dog Silhouettes - $18


It could be your mom, your big sis, your boss, or maybe it's you? Whoever it is, your Type A friend loves to organize and de-clutter. You know this friend will be prompt (or early) and you can count on her to always have her to-do list handy. With the Dry Erase Notebook Paper and the Chalkboard Calendar, you're not enabling, you're just helping her organize in a way the whole family can enjoy. Oh, and she'll love the But First Coffee Wall Quote, because how else would she get through the day?

Dry Erase Notebook Paper - $26  |  But First Coffee Wall Quote - $30  |  Be Efficient Wall Quote - $48  |  Bianca Green's Weapons of Mass Creation - $28  |  Chalkboard Calendar - $28  |  Plus Signs Mini-Pack - $12




November 26, 2014 by Jenni Ozella

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