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No-Cut Pumpkin Decorations for the Holidays

If you’re like us, you hate to see that great pumpkin-y goodness go to waste when you carve up your gourd for the holiday. Once you stick your jack-o-lantern out on the porch, you can kiss your dreams of pre-Thanksgiving pumpkin pie goodbye. So, how do you make a festive October display without killing your squash? Use mini-packs!


no-cut pumpkin

Aren’t these adorable? Sure, they’re not super-scary, but they’re also no-mess (at least until you’re ready to bake these puppies and turn them into a yummy meal!).

We used black and white plus signs, black flying arrows, white skulls, orange coronata stars, and black and gold lightning bolts for our design, but yours could be as simple as gold dots on a white pumpkin.

The best part about these designs are that you can remove the decals and keep the pumpkin on your porch long into November if you're not going to eat it.

What alternative pumpkin decorations have you used?

October 24, 2014 by Tamara Scott



Arshad said:

Received three generous seeths of wall decals ranging in size (I’m sorry but I can’t remember exactly how many on each sheet but definitely enough to decorate a couple small bedrooms). Very few duplicates. Used them as decorations for a birthday party, and then a few days later they decals were transferred to a bedroom for a more permanent’ home. They were easy to peel off the seeths, and very easy to remove from the walls and reapply to other walls. Had no issues with decals ripping or not sticking, which I was pleasantly surprised. If looking for Angry Bird decals, I would purchase these again.

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