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In Honor of Grandparents Day: The Story of WallsNeedLove

As grandparents day approaches we all reflect on all the unconditional love (and cookies) our parents' parents have bestowed on us. For WNL this issue is very dear to our hearts. In fact, if it wasn't for one really amazing grandma we might not even be here talking to you now! We asked Ali, our founder, to tell us the story for WNL, so without further ado: 


"In 2009 I was running a mall kiosk, a small business. I started doing photographs on T-shirts and then started doing customized license plates for the front of cars. Since people typically wanted their name or a sports team I started using a vinyl cutting machine to make those. And then after that, I started doing large car decals. In the beginning it was mainly teenagers that wanted stickers for their cars.

Then one day, this little short, probably 60 year old lady, came and said, 'Can you make me a sticker that says, "Grandchildren welcome, parents by appointment"?'

And I thought to myself, that's a funny saying, because I was raised by my grandmother who didn't really like my mom that much, and so I laughed at it and said, 'Yeah, I can make that. You want that for your car?'

She said, 'No, I want that for my wall.'

That's what first sparked the idea. I just thought it was such a cool idea. So, my plan at that time (July) was to start designing wall quotes and then during Christmas, I would open that up in the mall, next to my car stickers. Both were using the same kind of technology, just a different graphic. We opened the booth, and there was a lot of rubbernecking, a lot of 'What's going on here?' They didn't really get it. So I moved the company online! We started with just a couple people and now there are nine of us! It's been really cool watch the company grow and the employees grow with it."


So there you have it! The beginning of WNL. And, yes! We still sell that decal. Check it out! 




September 04, 2014 by Elizabeth Moore


Carol Boigon

Carol Boigon said:

I am a grandma who needs an alphabet decals to do as ceiling border: 5 in. tall sans serif , bold face letters, capital and low case, in bright colors or black and white. Each diad must be a separate decal: Aa, Bb Cc, etc. Can you do something like this? How much would it cost.


Tamara said:

Thanks for the suggestion, Carol! We’ll definitely look into making something like it, because it would be great for a classroom as well. Please be patient with us, as designing takes time, but we’ll keep you in mind and email you when we make a decision on it!

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