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Teachers Love Wall Decals for Classrooms and Home | We've got pictures!

As a former teacher, it’s really difficult for me to get through the Back to School time of year without buying notebooks, pens, and post-its, whether I need them or not. I also loved decorating my classroom. I could imagine the students entering the room that first day and understanding my personality. I wouldn’t even have to say anything!

Now that I’m here at WallsNeedLove, I get to live vicariously through you! We have received some amazing photos from teachers who wanted to share what they have accomplished with their decals. Read on, and be inspired:

Our first examples are from Candice W. She shared pictures of her chalkboard decals and lightning bolt mini-pack decals. The lightning bolts help highlight the Incredible Work her students will complete, and those chalkboards will come in handy as labels or just to write silly notes to students. Thanks for sharing, Candice!


Next, Jessica G. sent pictures of her speech & language classroom, which she decorated in a polka-dot theme (we approve, Jessica, we approve!).  Before the students even walk in the door, they know what to expect with that bright sign. I love how she dressed up her school-issue desk with 2” confetti polka dots. What fun all around, Jessica!

As always, thank you teachers for your dedication! Have a wonderful school year!

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August 14, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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