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Dramatically Changing Your Space W/ $100 or Less!

Okay, we've been there: you really want to shake up your space but you (or your significant other) need it to come in under budget. So we've created a hypothetical situation where you only have $100 to spend but need to make some major changes: You've just moved into a new house and your guest room walls need to be completed in 10 days or less so that your mother-in-law can come visit. You with us? 10 days. 1 mother-in-law. $100. That's it.
Here are ten unique ideas to change your space dramatically...and on a shoestring budget:
The birch trees can be used to complete a room fit for any mother-in-law and come in at only $88 and $73 respectively. 
The 2" confetti polka dots would take, on average, three packs to do a full wall. That will cost you a mere $36. 
Any of the mini design packs can complete a wall in three packs or less which will also cost you no more than $36. 
Easy Stripe, designed to replace the hassle of painting stripes, can complete a wall in under $100 in a slew of ways. In the first example, two rolls- which totals 72 feet of vinyl--will complete a wall for $80. In the second example a 2 inch stripe and a 1 inch stripe will complete a wall for $34. 
Many of our nursery wall decals will cost you only $28 and can be used as a
focal point in any room to complete the look. 
Two of our most popular office quotes can be combined to complete a wall for just $62. 
You can combine SIX total prints from one of our feature artists (seen here: David Olenick) for a total of $56. 
You can take home Banksy's most popular "Love Floats" which would easily cover a whole wall for $55 or you can even combine it with his next most popular "Thinking Monkey" and still have $2 left over. 
Our two most popular trees (both of which EASILY take up an entire wall and are sure to impress even the pickiest in-law) come in under $100 each. 
Want something a little more rustic for mom? Try adhesive taxidermy! Our Spanish Fighting Bull will cost you $32 and leave you plenty of spending money to put a Bull Skull in another room and still have $38 to spend on other decals. 
And you've done it! You've really accomplished something here. Now take your left over budget money and go buy yourself a margarita. You deserve it.
June 20, 2014 by Elizabeth Moore

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