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We’ve made a bunch of changes around the office lately, and of course our focus has been on decorating our walls. Every interior design project is an evolution, but somehow we seem to complicate things. The good news: you get to reap the fruit of our designs! Here's a picture of before (and us being silly in stripes):

The office team

It all started when we decided to set up a space in the office to take professional product videos and photos. This required about a week of painting Chad's office, and then the hallway, and then parts of the warehouse (because if you give a mouse a cookie…). The whole office team got in on the painting game, which was a huge relief! 

The team wearing matching EasyStripe outfits

To brainstorm ideas for our commercials, we watched a lot of videos including those for Society6 and the Sony Music Timeline. Seeing such creative people put their work on the Internet and on their walls inspired us to put our beliefs up on our walls where we can read and live them every day. 




Fast forward another week of painting, cleaning, designing, brainstorming, re-designing, and a lot of squealing when the images started coming together. Finally, applied our designs to the wall! It only took us a few hours (come on, it’s a big wall!). With every completed row, our shouts/squees grew more jubilant.

Our office is now a triple-threat: we work with some of the most creative people in the business, we're all super dedicated to making beautiful things, and we get to spend every day in an inspiring space!

Take a look at all the new designs here: Office Collection

June 02, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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