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Moms Need a Little Love Too

In honor of Mother's Day next week, we wanted to celebrate moms in a fun way. Here you'll find some of our favorite compilations and videos that show what it means and what it takes to be a mom. Feel free to laugh, to share, to cry a little too, if that's what you feel. And definitely, call your mama (or your mom-figure), because she deserves it!

Oh Mom, she tries, right?

From Mashable: 25 Priceless Texts Only Mom Could Write

So, haven't you ever wondered what it would be like for your mom to rap? No? Well, here's a Fallon employee's mom freestyling (really well!). Your mama might have a hidden talent?

You know Jimmy loves moms, so here's his famous "Evolution of Mom Dancing." The First Lady is rocking in this one--that's right, the FLOTUS herself appears in this one.

Oh, and did your mom have to deal with your strange antics? This is Tina talking about her youngest daughter to David Letterman. We get it, T, we're all a little weird.

And, finally, this is a wonderful one. Give it a minute, it'll pay off.

May 02, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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