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Wall Decals Spring Sweep | Before and After Decor

We all love a good Cinderella story: from rags to riches, from drab walls to beautiful design. It’s the ultimate dream, that we too can have that gorgeous partner, the perfect house, and the best shoes.

This is why we adore the before and after story. It takes that plain-Jane entryway, bedroom, or dining room, and shows us just how sparkly-new it can look with a dash of elbow grease, a new lamp or two, and a little bit of inspiration.  

And so we present to you three before and after designs using WallsNeedLove products. These bloggers and designers didn’t need a fairy godmother, meddlesome forest creatures, or even magic. Read on, and be amazed!

Easy Stripe Entryway Lisa Hershman

Horizontal Easy Stripe:

Lisa Hershman of Play Chic Interiors (Featured on Apartment Therapy)

Lisa not only made this entryway into a great storage and mudroom space—necessary for those NYC winters—she also broke up the white walls at kid-height with neutral grey stripes. She kept the homeowner’s bright yellow bench as the centerpiece.

Pro Tip: Lisa used our white 1” Easy Stripe to make these adorable stripes. To save time and money, you can purchase 8” Easy Stripe in Graphite and apply the stripes 1” apart. Easy Stripe sticks to walls best when applied 3-4 weeks after painting. 


Removable Wallpaper:

Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky

Amongst Elizabeth’s other beautiful home décor makeovers, she used our Hardwood Removable Wallpaper in her bedroom for a warm, rustic feel that melds with her homestead theme. It’s manly enough for her hubby to feel comfortable, but not so masculine that the room feels like The Harvard Club.

If you notice, the Hardwood Removable Wallpaper isn’t an exact match to the flooring. This helps give the room a lived-in aura, especially when she layers and arranges the vintage, thrifted, and found objects on the surfaces and walls. She filled the tables and walls collage-style, but the wood grain backgrounds keep the canvas from feeling over-stuffed. Go on a bedroom tour on her blog here.

 Removable Wallpaper Delightfully Tacky

Vertical Easy Stripes:

Chelsea of Making Home Base

Chelsea is a WallsNeedLove goddess! She’s a military mom living on-base in 70s-era housing. In her drab eggshell-white dining room, she applied 8” Charcoal Easy Stripes 14 inches apart. What a great way to upgrade her space!

Chelsea mentioned that the whole process took under an hour (speedy little gal!). Each Easy Stripe roll is 36 feet (about 11 meters) long. These stripes look fantastic, and we’re sure she spent a good amount of her hour just measuring out the spacing and leveling the stripes to get them right. Magnifique!

Easy Stripe Chelsea Making Home Base

See other pictures of Chelsea's dining room on her blog here and here.



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