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Five Home Decorating Tips for Spring

Coming up with home design ideas can be overwhelming, especially when you’re starting at that most basic stage, choosing colors. Thankfully, you can get home design ideas from anywhere, and since it’s your space, there’s nothing that’s out of bounds.

Decorating tips for hassle-free home design:

Fresh Hues Turquoise Design1)   You’re not on your own when choosing a color palette. There are plenty of great websites out there that have ready-made choices laid out for you. Wedding sites like Martha Stewart weddings and have done the grunt work of putting together beautiful color combinations that you can transfer directly to your walls. You can also look to painting sites like fresh hues for inspiration.

2)   Use a photo cluster to make a statement wall. Ok, we know this is supposed to be a “hassle-free” list, and a photo cluster has always felt anything but hassle free—buying all those frames and placing all the nails, not to mention getting the photos in the right proportions. But head over to our photo collages, and grab a wall decal collage that’s got symmetry, is repositionable, and is lots of fun for any space.

3)   Go wild with dots. Polka dots are versatile and cute or classy depending on where you place them. Whether you’re painting Arrows Wall Decalsabstract rings up a staircase wall or showering our Confetti Polka Dots wall decals from the corner of a room, the effect is beautiful. You can also use small, simple designs, like arrows or anchors in place of the dots for a hipper look.

4)   Look to the blogosphere for DIY design. We love the blog A Beautiful Mess for their daily decorating tips for everything from clothing to photography to cooking. Check out their décor tab for hundreds of home design ideas.

5)   Take cues from the world around you. It’s finally spring, so get out and walk around! Here in Nashville, the forsythia is in bloom, and we love this azure blue, bright yellow, and chocolate brown combination from SweetPaul that mimics the flowers, stems and sky of spring. Recreate this with lemon and chocolate Easy Stripe on a blue wall, or Sky and Lemon Chevron Design Packs on a Chocolate wall. 




April 22, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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