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Just Right for Renters! Removable Wallpaper

Grey Goose Removable WallpaperIn this economy, renting is a spectacular option. It’s inexpensive, you don’t have to worry about property taxes going up or down, and when something breaks you just call up your landlord. Unfortunately, many properties come with bland white walls, and you’re expected to get them back to that pristine white upon leaving. Renters often feel like their home decorating ideas are limited. Removable wallpaper to the rescue!

Temporary wallpaper is perfect for your rental property.

         Although traditional wallpaper comes in many new designs, the glue is still the same as when you were a kid. It’s messy, takes forever to set, and is a gigantic pain to take off the wall. But here at Wallsneedlove we’re taking the hassle out of dramatic design changes! Our temporary wallpaper is easy to install, take down and reinstall as many times as you like, which means your walls are as easy to change as your mind. Additionally, the designs are the most up-to-date as well as they’ve been chosen within the past few years--not sitting in a book since the 90s.Mosaic Circles Removable Wallpaper

The home decorating ideas are endless. 

         Wallpaper isn’t just for your mother’s dining room anymore. You can put up removable wallpaper on any flat, clean, painted wall. Some designers have used it on small accent walls, or to paper the entire bathroom. You can fill that big wall behind your couch, or you could use a design to make a small headboard behind your bed. It’s also great for kids’ rooms. Who cares if Johnny draws all over the wall on your watch? Just pull the section down and replace it before your husband sees! And, because the wallpaper is made from FabTac, it’s durable fabric. Use extra pieces to cover jars and notebooks as accents in your office or kitchen.

         Moving is stressful enough, so don’t add to your troubles by spending an extra day or two painting over those deep-purple walls that you just had to have in your living room. What’s the point? You’ll spend hours and hours painting over those same spots to get the color just right, and then you’ll have to do the same thing to get the white saturated enough so the landlord doesn’t notice. Removable wallpaper doesn’t require steaming or scraping. You can remove the whole wall by yourself in just minutes. Take down with no mess.Sketch Flowers Removable Wallpaper


What about you? How would you use temporary wallpaper in your home?











March 31, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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