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Where We Live: Nashville Country Music Spotlight Meghan Linsey Loves Walls Need Love

Meghan LinseyWhen country music darling Meghan Linsey isn’t on stage, in the studio, or in front of a camera, she’s cuddled up on the couch with her two dogs. It just so happens that the top-five recording artist and half of the Can You Duet Season 2-winning duo Steel Magnolia is also a huge fan of WallsNeedLove. She’s got the lollipop tree over her couch in her living room, and our coronata stars and gold Easy Stripe were used in the background of a recent photo shoot.

The shoot was to promote her new song, “Good Boy Bad,” the new single from her upcoming album. She was kind enough to answer a few questions over email:

WNL: Many people know you as part of the duo Steel Magnolia that won season 2 of Can You Duet. What effect has that show had on your career?

Meghan: Well, it really changed the course of my life. Part of winning the show was signing a deal with Big Machine Records. We signed with Scott Borchetta in 2009 and released our first single, which was a top-five hit on Billboard. I'm really grateful for everything that's led me to this point where I'm able to make music for a living!

WNL: You recently released an online video cover of One Republic’s “Counting Stars”—what drew you to the song?

Meghan: I just really loved the song! I planned on just putting out a simple cover video, and for some reason this one just kind of blew up! I would have never thought of releasing a cover, especially a current cover to radio, but sometimes you just have to go with it when things are working!

WNL: Taste of Country’s Billy Dukes said you sounded like Amy Winehouse or Adele on your cover of "Counting Meghan Linsey backstageStars." Can you respond to this? 

Meghan: I'll take it! What a huge compliment! I've always had an element of soul to my voice. I'm from New Orleans! The thing that drew me to country music was the storytelling in the songwriting. There's a lot of soul in country too!  I like being able to blend the two genres. 

WNL: You spend a lot of time in front of cameras. What’s the best part about it?

Meghan: Hmmm...I think the best part is that I'm such a girly girl that I actually enjoy getting dressed and being made up! Don't get me wrong, A lot of the time I just want to wear my yoga clothes and not put on any makeup! But clothes and fashion and makeup excite me!  I have a good balance of both, for sure!

WNL: What’s the worst part about being in front of cameras?

Meghan: I think it can be a lot when you are going through something that's personally hard, but you still have to be "on." 

WNL: You have a fabulous personal style. How would you characterize your style?

Meghan: Bold and playful! I'm such a girl, but I like to mix it up and add some funk! I'm always trying new things!

WNL: What’s your favorite space in your house? Describe it!

Meghan: My living room! It's like a shrine to Walls Need Love! Ha!  I have the tree with the birds over my couch. Lots of fun colors going on! Turquoise blue, yellow, orange, green! It's super cute and cozy!

WNL: What objects would you save if your house were on fire? (Dogs don’t count; we know they'd be first!)

Meghan Linsey Living RoomMeghan: Well, yeah, of course the dogs would be first! You know, I have no idea! I don't really value anything that much! I do have a dress that Naomi Judd gave me; I'd probably grab that!

Thanks so much, Meghan! We'll be looking for "Good Boy Bad"!







April 04, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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