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Chevron Patterns Make Your Designs Move

Chevron patterns dominate modern design these days. These wavy rows remind us of the French pitched rafters that give this shape its name. While we’re most familiar with chevrons in military insignia, the gas station sign, or the bottom of Charlie Brown’s t-shirt, the pattern shows up in unexpected places: handmade friendship bracelets, stationery, fashion, fingernails, and home design.

On your walls, a chevron pattern gives your room a sense of depth and movement. And because of their ordered shape, chevrons are perfect if you want your wall designs to blend into the background.

Ways to use Chevrons:

  1. Fill an entire wall with shine by placing gold or silver on a white background. Want an even more subtle look? Try white chevrons on a white wall. The satin finish of the vinyl will reflect light just a bit without overwhelming the rest of the space.

  2. Fill a small space: Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky designed this modern removable wallpaper after sheDelightfully Tacky Removable Wallpaper spent hours hand-painting her own walls. What could be easier than peeling the pattern and sticking a design to your walls? If your bathroom fixtures are all-white, a darker background only helps to highlight the bright fixtures.

  3. Apply in pieces: Who says the entire wall has to be filled? Try a staggered chevron pattern up a staircase or in the middle of the wall. It gives the wall the feeling of exposed brick but with a modern flair.

  4. Mix and match color combinations: Love navy blue but don’t want to make your walls too dark? When you match multiple design packs in coordinating colors, you can accent your navy chevrons with pink or yellow. Our packs come in two sizes, standard and large, so you can fit the design to your space.

  5. Use decals in unexpected places: Want to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets but hate to paint? This is a perfect place for chevron patterns. Think of how great the vinyl decals would look on those drab white cabinets! The best part is they’re totally removable, clean easily, and you don’t have to take the doors off the hinges.

Stanley Laser Level SquarePro Tip: Use a Laser Level Square to achieve that perfect 90-degree angle. This tool is perfect if you use Easy Stripe to add a chevron pattern to an entire wall. Just draw out your vertical lines first, then use the level to guide where you place your stripes.

There’s also plenty of options for modern removable wallpaper in triangles, stripes, dots, squares, and many more.

Want to find the designs above? Here ya go:


March 28, 2014 by Tamara Scott

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