Walls Need Love and We Need Turkey

We know Thanksgiving is over, but we just wanted to tell all of you how grateful we are to have you as customers. We are proud of the art we produce and the beautiful ways all of you have used it to make your homes more charming and welcoming.

We thought we would share a few of our favorite Thanksgiving moments and we would love to hear some of yours! Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

1. What was your very favorite Thanksgiving dish?

Jenni: The Gluten-free Cornbread Stuffing, which tasted better than the regular! My Mimi surprised me and brought it to Thanksgiving dinner. :)

Patrick: Sweet patato casserole!

Jenni + Matt

Elizabeth: I made a red pepper and pumpkin risotto that I actually really liked. You can get the recipe here. We doubled the recipe but added half the pumpkin. Perfect! We also had my aunt’s famous deviled eggs which are a classic and super delicious.

Chad: Broccoli & cheese casserole!

Ali: Bolton’s Hot Chicken Wings…

2. One funny/happy memory:

Jenni: Introducing my husband Matt to my enormous family for the first time last year was funny. He has really adapted well, and they LOVE him!

Patrick:  There were 6 dogs on my girlfriend’s sister’s farm and none of them liked me, I think they were all scared of my crutches…

Elizabeth: Watching my dad stick electric candles into his eye sockets for the entertainment of my little cousins. Too funny!

Chad: Kicking some butt in “Charades” with my girlfriend!

Firefly Eyes

Ali: Teasing chewy with turkey meat. :)

3. Best thing about yesterday: 

Jenni: My favorite memories are always cooking in the kitchen with my mom and/or grandmothers. That time is priceless. Family is everything.

Patrick: Meeting my girlfriends family was so much fun they were all so nice and funny and warm.

Elizabeth: Spending time with my grandmother. She is so funny and so brilliant and such a beautiful spirit. She also loves wine-a lot-which makes me love her even more.

Chad: Sitting around and playing guitar and singing songs with family. Thanksgiving is a great holiday because it’s stopping to take time to spend time with family and friends, relax, and remember to be thankful for all that we have.

That’s all folks!

From our home to yours,

We hope your Thanksgivings were a great success.

-The WNL family

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