No I am NOT Reading 50 Shades of Grey on My Lunch Break

So, we found a new use for scrap vinyl. Everyone has guilty pleasures: things we read, listen to, watch. Things we don’t want ANYONE TO EVER KNOW WE LOVE. We turn off the share option on our Spotify while we jam out to Ace of Base, we close the bedroom door and lock it (even though we’re home alone) while we watch soap operas, we put black vinyl on our books and then use white scraps to create a fake title…wait, what? Okay so it’s a little bit elaborate. But sometimes you work somewhere that sells vinyl. And you see scraps. And you put them on your guilty pleasure book so that no one will know what you’re reading… Right? I mean that’s totally normal!

Jenni and I spent a couple moment this morning trying to disguise my book, we wanted something inconspicuous. This is what we came up with:

Pretty clever, huh? We sure thought so.

What other ingenious ways can you think to use scrap vinyl?? The best idea gets a great big pile sent right to their doorstep. How about it? What would you use it for?

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