wall decal - Vintage Colors Faux Wooden Panels


Inspired by DIY mentality, wall decal research, and in need of some serious retail therapy, the adventurous employees of wallsneedlove set out for a day of thrifting. As the day went on we started getting more and more creative. "That panda bear lamp shade will look awesome in my bachelor pad!" "Oh my gosh that 1920s dancing squirrel toy is exactly what my kitchen needs, right?" "Those old wooden panels would make a great dining room table!!!" Finally a good idea. And we so fell in love with them that we wanted to bring them to you. So here, for your creative amusement, is a set of adhesive wooden panels--colored vintage--for your sticking pleasure.

Comes with 12 realistic wood panels ranging from 4.7"x4.7" - 4.7"x14.2" in size. You can arrange them in so many different ways from square shapes to diagonal shapes and beyond (see product images for some examples).

Sheet size: 21"x21"

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