Róbert Farkas “Foxy Stripes”

Róbert Farkas “Foxy Stripes”

Artist Robert Farkas

$21.00 USD

Now this is a decal with a fox unlike any other you've seen from Farkas! Over the mountains and through the woods this fox winds his way over this removable decal.

Our line of curated art posters are printed on fine art paper and are of the highest quality. Unlike our decals, these are not adhesive backed but are ready to be hung, framed or highlighted to your heart's desire.

Róbert Farkas is a digital artist located in Budapest, Hungary. He works as a broadcast animator and web designer while spending his free time pursuing personal art projects. His striking portfolio of digital watercolors has gained international exposure, appearing in exhibits and even on t-shirts and cellphone covers. Róbert truly believes that "making artwork is the spice of life."

Sizes: 16x23 & 28x40