Paula Belle Flores's I'll Bring You the Moon Circle Decal


This adhesive print by Flores makes us feel things. Things we cannot exactly put our fingers on. It feels like the first time you heard the story of Peter Pan, when you thought fairies were real and even if you didn't you were afraid to say it on the off chance that some TinkerBell somewhere would drop down dead. Yeah, just like that. 

Flores’s art is dreamy, other worldly--ethereal even. Her curious nature shines through all her work and seems wholly inline with space around her. She is “still dreaming, playing, flying trough the clouds, talking to the birds, dancing in the rain, not-knowing, asking, finding and losing, finding again (sometimes), thinking too much, feeling too much,” and turning it into art we love, art we relate to and art we cannot get enough of.

Sizes: 20x20 & 40x40

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