Paul Moore's Trip to Narnia Circle wall decal


This is accurately named "Trip to Narnia" because it truly looks like a doorway to the fantastical winter land. The snow has settled, the trees have shed their leaves, and the day is coming to a close. You can almost feel the crisp air through the surface. Preserve this winter scene and get this snowy circle print.

Paul Moore is a man who lives and works comfortably amongst two passions: nature and photography. Though he is content working in either arena, it is when these two are combined that his true talent shines. His enthusiasm is infectious and his knowledge is palpable, he is man of exceeding talent and a slew of great dad-jokes. Speaking of dad-jokes he is also the father of WNL's very own VP of Marketing Elizabeth. She is exceedingly proud to feature the work she knows so well now as adhesive wall decals!

Available in 2 sizes: 20"x20" & 40"x40"

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