Paisley Birds and Branches Wall Decals

Brad Paisley designed these himself. He has them plastered all over his home and even bought 400 of them for the show Nashville which his wife plays a major role in. Okay, all of that was a lie. Except that Brad Paisley's wife is in the show Nashville (that's true). But this Paisley Birds & Branches adhesive wall art is still just as rad. These unique and modern decals are a perfect blend between natural and elegant decor. The birds and branches are printed as separate pieces on our Fab-Tac material, so you can remove and reposition them until you get the layout just right.

Size: 9 Paisley Birds that range from 7"-8" wide or tall, 3 Realistic Branches that are 24", 30", and 40" wide

Extras:1 Realistic Nest, 20 Leaves, 4 Paisley Eggs

*The overall size of your design will depend on your customized layout