Nashville Chalkboard Skyline wall decal

Nashville Chalkboard Skyline wall decal

Artist WallsNeedLove

$28.00 USD

This particular decal is very special to us. It represents the city we love, our home and the place of our business. Nashville is a bustling town full of music lovers, a ridiculous amount of nurses, a few artists, a great many entrepreneurs and (well mostly) drunkards. We are proud to call this city home. Go Titans/Preds/Sounds!

The "writing on the wall" doesn't alway have to have such an ominous ring. It can, in fact, be something sweet like "Good morning my love!" Or something demanding like "Seriously? You forgot the milk again...go get it." Or something necessary like, "TOMORROW IS OUR ANNIVERSARY (pick up roses 5 pm)." And now with our new skyline chalkboards you can be sweet, demanding or necessary with some city pride. Chic, organized AND showin' off your pride...look at you go!

Size: 23"x33"

Chalkboard + DryErase Demo

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